Our Fave Fairy Stars in Trendy Remake of Brother’s Grimm Tales

One of our favorite interviewees on TwentyTweets was Style Network’s Briella Calafiore. This beautiful, carefree, and sexual hairdresser from the popular series Jerseylicious and Glam Fairy is adding another notch to her talented belt by starring in  the lead role of the production of Grimm Women at Kraine Theater in New York City.

Grimm Women is a witty reinterpretation of the highly reputable Brother’s Grimm fairy tales and it delves into the lives of these characters, while adding a spin on post-happily-ever-after life. Calafiore will play a Little Red with “some issues.” Some other characters include Rapunzel, with the longest weave in the land, and a boy kissing frogs trying to find a prince. The play, which was written by Calafiore’s friend Brandon Monokian, debuts on December 12th and will run until the 15th.

Calafiore spoke exclusively to TwentyTweets briefly about her role in Grimm Women. Here’s what she had to say:

BH: When did you first sign on to this project? 

BC: I signed on to this project this past July. As soon as Brandon told me about it I was on board. I fell in love with Red instantly.

BH: What is the extent of your acting experience?

BC: I’ve been on Jerseylicious for 4 seasons and I’m currently working on the 5th one. I’ve been on 2 seasons of Glam Fairy. I did an episode of Clean House. I first worked with Brandon last February on The Vagina Monologues and that’s when I realized that I really loved theater. It’s an entirely different experience than I’m used to!

BH: What are your future plans in the industry?

BC: I definitely plan on doing a lot more theater in the future. The rush I feel on stage, bright lights shining on me, is like nothing I will ever feel doing reality TV. It’s an incredible feeling. I plan on staying in the reality TV world for a while and hopefully will eventually have my own show. And of course I can’t ever forget my first baby, hairstyling. I plan on doing a lot more hair on my own, being my own boss. 

BH: Is there any connection that you have with the Grimm stories? Childhood memories? Etc?

BC: I feel a real connection to Red. Brandon specifically wrote this role for me, so why wouldn’t I? Red is very similar to me in the sense of she really marches to the beat of her own drum and never cares about what anyone else thinks. She’s a cool girl that gets into some deep sh*t but quickly pulls herself out  like a real trooper. I think we all can relate to her actually.

BH: What can we expect from you in the future?

BC: I have so many goals for the future and I’m excited to see where my life takes me.


Still can’t get enough of Briella’s role? Check her out in rehearsal footage below:

Tickets for this show are available for purchase here. Will you be in attendance? Let us know @20sTweet!


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