An Inspiring Twenty-Something with a Fierce Perspective on Life

Back in August, I introduced you to the Yamerra Skincare line and its amazing benefits.  Now, I wanted to introduce you to the stylish, beautiful, inspiring and successful twenty-something behind it: Maryam Moma.


J: What’s been the hardest part about owning your own business? Is it easier or harder than you imagined?
MM: The hardest part about owning my business is striving to remain true to the Mission and Vision of the brand, or providing a nutrient rich, affordable all-natural alternative to skin and hair. It is hard to stay on the fight, not giving into applications or processes that will jeopardize the products purity, ingredients or consistency while still maintaining steady growth, especially in the highly competitive fabric of skin and hair care products industry.

Where do you hope to see Yamerra in the future?  Say, five years from now?
I see Yamerra as an Eco-luxury, yet affordable brand catering to daily lifestyle, home, skin and hair needs. I have visions of a tasteful and exquisite “go-to” place, a “one-stop” zone for Eco-friendly home design, bath, and body products for the whole family to enjoy.

What are some of your favorite fashion trends right now?
Hmm… I L.O.V.E the color “Purple”, I believe its back with a vengeance this season. Power Purple is IN. I also enjoying layering, wearing three to five luxuriously styled pieces in luscious fabrics and vivacious color. Luckily, one can easily get away with this in the winter. Let’s dress up, it’s winter! My most favorite fashion trend this season is  sporting the Over-Size Bag. Once, in a naughty joke around friends, I hear it called “The Morning After Bag”! Fitting, seeing as it looks like one could fit quite a lot in it.

Photo Credit: Calvin Evans

When I met you, you made it clear how important it is for everyone to take responsibility for sustainable living.  What are some ways (other than recycling) that twenty-somethings can live an eco-friendly lifestyle?
Three ways:
1. It is easy to reduce the amount of paper we use in our movement through society. Ask to receive e-bills, and choose to receive paperless monthly e-statements from the bank.
2. During the holiday season, we are into buying physical gifts for friends and loved ones. A more sustainable way to give would be giving the gift of experience. Treat mum to a show on Broadway, or a fancy brunch (there are so many amazing restaurants in New York). Or happily donate your time to causes dear to their hearts.
3. This is a good one: Get together with three to five girlfriends with similar fashion tastes and style, and throw a big “Swap party”. Do not buy anything new, each person should bring 3 to 5 amazing things they own, but know they are just not using anymore and swap them out with other friends at the party! This not only allows you to revamp your closet without spending money, but allows everyone involved to re-use and recycle too!


I seriously recommend checking out Yamerra yourself (if you haven’t already).  I promise you won’t regret it. My favorite scent is Sultry Mango!

If you’re going to be in the NYC area, make sure you check out the Yamerra Store at 684 Broadway & Great Jones Street NY 10012 (Open Thursday-Sunday 11a-8p).  You can also shop on-line, visit the Yamerra blog, or find other store locations here.


“Work hard, play hard, live with love, give freely and with all your heart. Cultivate your skill set to enable yourself. Take, while always giving value in return. Be open to learning and evolving every day. Live with care for the environment, Eco-consciously—after all, being Eco-conscious is ultra-fashionable!” – Maryam Moma

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