The Easiest, DIY Hair Accessory

As a twenty-something, I LOVE cute DIY projects and I’m sure you guys do too. What about cute, DIY projects that cost next to nothing? A gift from the heavens! Whether you find ideas from websites like Pinterest, in magazines, or by word of mouth from friends, there are TONS of resources for the fashionable, yet frugal, twenty-something. And while indulging in this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan, I came across a totally cute way to spice up a usually boring hair accessory.

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty minimal when it comes to hair. Sometimes the occasional curl will pop up here or there, but the casual straight, or pony tail look are my staples. However, after reading this particular Cosmo article, I was inspired to give this new look a try.

What you need: bobby pins, nail polish.

To create my own unique accessories, I started with a few plain bobby pins. After spreading them out on a on a loose leaf paper, I painted each with two coats of Wet n Wild megalasts: I Need a Refresh-Mint. (This same color was actually on Taylor’s list of affordable makeup favorites). The pins were dry within twenty minutes, and just like that, I had some fun, new hair accessories!

We’re all victim to having a bunch of nail polish that we probably don’t use anymore. This easy, do-it-yourself project is a great wait to salvage all of your old nail polish. Think about all the colors you have! And let’s be honest: for those of you who like to coordinate your nails with outfits, you can now include your hair accessories! Added bonus? Bright, colorful bobby pins are a lot easier to find than your average pin. We all know those brown babies get hidden easily amongst every other dark-colored accessory. Rainbow bobby pin collection?? I think yes!

Do you have any new DIY projects you’ve been wanting to try? Share them with us @20sTweet!


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