Sweet Memories and Fine Chocolates

A couple of months ago, my college roommates and I bought tickets for an (un)official girls’ weekend/reunion in New York City. This past weekend was finally our weekend, and I won’t even try to explain the fun that we had. Now I know, you’re thinking, “Well duh, a weekend dedicated to you and your closest girlfriends. How could you not have the time of your life?” I agree. But I also must add that with a little planning ahead, you can truly make this a weekend impossible to forget.

A “girls’ weekend” wouldn’t be just that without a little wining and dining, right? And of course, a night out on the town with no boys (except the strangers buying you drinks) allowed. But before heading to dinner and hitting the bars, you may be looking for something to do during the day. My suggestion? A Chocolate Walking Tour – complete with some sample tasting and the inevitable shopping!

Suggestion number two? Looking for deals on these types of tours. We bought our tickets (originally $50 value) for $17 each off of Living Social. Our tour started in Chelsea Market and made nine other stops at some of the best hidden gems in the city. (Please note: I’m using the term “hidden” here in the most literal sense because we would’ve never known about some of these places if it wasn’t for this amazing tour.)

Without divulging the entire experience for you, I’ll simply share a few; we tried things like Jacques’ famous “Wicked Hot Chocolate,” Autumn spice bars, chocolate cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (yes, that place on Sex and the City), cookies, cannolis, and other unique chocolate creations such as chocolate covered bacon and rose petal, pistachio bark — both were unbelievably delicious.

Our tour guide was fantastic, pointing out other places and things along the way while explaining the process of making chocolate. Each place we stopped was very welcoming, and we had plenty of time to browse around without feeling like we were at one place for too long. We all left with a few souvenirs, a new appreciation for fine chocolates, and a satisfied sweet tooth!

If you’re not near New York City, I found tours similar to ours in places like Boston, Chicago,Β  and Washington, D.C. So before heading out for the night, try something new during the day. Like our tour guide said, “You can’t regret it because you’re walking off everything you taste.” Believe that or not… all I can say from experience is that the calories are totally worth it. πŸ˜‰


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1 Response to Sweet Memories and Fine Chocolates

  1. beantownbuyer says:

    I did a tour like this in Faneuil Hall in Boston. Fun and delicious!

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