You Got the Job…Now It’s Time for an Apartment

Remember when you were moving into college and you got to buy the decorations for your dorm?  I don’t know about you, but I was so excited to fill my dorm with bright colors, vibrant patterns, pictures of friends and I, and other things that were “cool” at the time; after all, I was practically an adult. My how times have changed. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things of course because they’re exactly what college is–fun, new, exciting and bold.  Now that we’re twenty-something though, chance are we’ve reached a new stage of ‘decorating.’ Long gone are the hot pinks and in its place is more muted sages, mustard and charcoal colors. It’s official: I’ve traded my animal print for a cocoa-colored couch.

My dorm wasn’t this nice…but it still had the same “I’m a College Freshman” feel.

Pinterest has been a saving grace for DIY home decor.  Marshalls and Home Goods have been my go-to places for glassware. Target you’re my BFF when it comes to furniture.  Yes, I even bought a dining room table on Craig’s List (but let me tell you–it is beautiful).  Lets be honest here: home furnishings are not cheap.  A set of 4 plates can easily be $50 each and it’s the little things (like pillows for your couch or silverware) that quickly add up.

When I was shopping for my apartment I wasn’t willing to compromise style; after all, this is my first real chance to design my space exactly how I want it. Of course, not compromising on style shouldn’t mean draining your bank account either. Before shopping consider exactly what it is you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash for–and what you’re okay settling with.  Sure, everyone knows about Target and Home Goods are the places to go when it comes to furnishing your apartment, but have you checked out these great places?

West Elm is a wonderful site with all sorts of home furnishings and decor.  From leather couches to silverware West Elm has everything a fashionista needs to make her (or his) home just as stylish are they are.  One item I’m completely lusting over is this chandelier (there’s also a less-expensive version of it here). I can’t help but keep picturing it in my new dining room area.  But for nearly $300 this fabulous lighting fixture won’t be in my apartment for awhile.

Right now sign up for West Elm e-mails and receive 10% off your next purchase!

Item shown is in “Patchwork Paisley”

When it comes to organizing Thirty-One is the best. I use their collapsible storage containers for belts, flip flops, scarves, cleaning products and more.  I line them on the shelves in my closet and under my bathroom sink.  Everything just looks neater when it’s neatly organized in (matching) containers. All of my Thirty-One products are in Black Parisian Pop.  They also sell lunch boxes, drawstring backpacks and other items. You can only buy Thirty-One on-line; to find a consultant click here.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our living room could look like an Ikea ad?

Ikea has great things for apartments too because everything is compact and actually meant for small spaces.  Furniture such as corner workstations and space-saving pieces make it easy to fit all of your essentials into a less-than-spacious apartment.

No matter how much you buy it always feels like you’re missing something.  It could be a good month or two before you completely feel “moved it.”  It’ll all come together–even if it take a dozen trips (or more) to these stores and websites.


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2 Responses to You Got the Job…Now It’s Time for an Apartment

  1. I have a Thirty-one makeup bag! I got it at a “Thirty-One” party (kind of like a pocketbook/pampered chef kind of thing, I guess). Wicked cute!

  2. beantownbuyer says:

    I love Ikea!!!!

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