I Can Talk Too…Can I get a Show?

It seems like the criteria for having a talk show is non-existent nowadays.  More so, I’m getting the impression that if you simply want a talk show, you can have one.  Daytime TV is slowly filling up with talk shows hosted by everyone from Katie Couric (remember when she was a real journalist?) to the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst (cleverly titled The Jeff Probst Show).  If celebs feel like their fame is drifting, just get a talk show–everyone else is doing it!  Now don’t get me wrong, some of these daytime talk show hosts are fabulous–Anderson Cooper, Ellen, Kelly Ripa, and Bethany Frankel just to name a few.  However, others are just people we’ve been turning off our TVs in an attempt to escape.  Last week’s speculation of Kris Jenner possibly hosting her own daytime talk show included info such as the show beginning next summer.  All I can say is, really?  Am I the only one completely sick of the Kardashian/Jenner clan?  I feel like this is just another way for the Kardashians to seep into our living rooms.

I can think of quite a few other people I would rather watch on a daytime TV. Granted I’m not even home during the day to watch these talk shows, but if I was, here are some of the people I would like to see:

Heidi Klum:  I know she already has her own show (Project Runway in case you haven’t heard of it) and all, but she seems so fun!  Can’t you just picture her hosting some sort of lifestyle show?  I mean, c’mon you can’t tell me you don’t want to hear about health and fitness from the woman who got back into lingerie and onto the runway after giving birth only a few months before?!

Rachel Zoe:  How awesome would it be if she had her own talk show strictly dedicated to what’s hot in the fashion world?  She could take runway looks and tell viewers how to turn them into everyday wear. I’m thinking a cross between What Not to Wear and Fashion Police on E!  Now, does she have time to take on this talk show venture?  Probably not.  She seems to have a lot going on with her own fashion empire.

Caroline Manzo: from the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  So this could very well turn into a case of someone wanting an extra 15-seconds of fame, but I genuinely like Caroline.  She’s a strong lady and sweet mom, but with street smarts and a don’t-mess-with-me (or my family) kind of attitude.  I can’t help but like her, and I kind of want to watch more of her!  I also like that she’s one of the only women from any of the Housewives franchises that doesn’t look incredibly fake.

Jessica Alba: Ever since Jessica had her two daughters, Honor and Haven, she just seems more…real.  Not only is she an actress, but she’s also the founder of The Honest Company, a company that makes and delivers affordable “family essentials” (think cleaning products, sunscreen, baby products and more) right to your door.  She’s also a big advocate of eating organic.  That being said, how about a show about living a trendy but eco-friendly lifestyle?  I would watch!

Who would you want to watch on daytime TV?  Let us know @20sTweet!


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