When Should College Seniors Start Looking for Jobs?

Being a college senior with this ruthless job market isn’t exactly promising for someone who’s looking for a job and for those who will be looking for a job before long. I’ve talked to college advisers, different professors, friends, recent graduates, and even strangers and I’ve gotten plenty of different answers when a college senior should start looking/applying for a job.

But still haven’t heard a convincing answer.

Ideally I’d like to start working right after graduation. I’m not expecting to make it big right after I graduate, but I would like a decent entry-level job to help me get started. When should a college senior start looking? Start applying? Start contacting?

Some have said Christmas break is when you should start applying. Is that too early to e-mail or call someone and say “Hey, I’m looking for a job-I’ll be available in six months.”

Others have said about three months before graduation, but is a company going to take interest in someone who can’t devote themselves until they get a degree?

And others have said after graduation. They’ve said to take a break, relax, and then start a job search. Umm hello? NOT when I have debt accumulating.

More recently I’ve heard “Start contacting companies now and tell them when you’ll be available and ask if they’ll be interested.” My question is how can someone on the other line, or the other end of an e-mail, say “Yes, we’ll be hiring” or “No, we won’t be.” #confused.

Any insight from the twenty-somethings out there? Share your advice @20sTweet!


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    I’m a contributor for @20stweet. Follow on WordPress, Twitter, and FaceBook!! As my senior year is rolling on by I’m at a loss as to when to start looking for a job. Any suggestions? Encouragement? Inspiration?

    Help a sister out!!!

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