Changing the World is a Team Sport

Recently, I decided to make a lifestyle change in regards to my health and all around well-being. Along with eating healthy and exercising, I wanted to do something for the greater good. My friend introduced me to an app that allows me to exercise and donate to charities all at once! Charity Miles is a free app available for the iPhone and Android.

Once you download the app, it’s important to connect with Facebook or Twitter. Why? Because charities only receive donations when you share your activity socially. Think of it as the “social good.” There’s no harm in sharing your achievements with friends while spreading awareness of the app itself. Your posts will hopefully encourage others to join as well. Once you’re connected, you can select which charity you’d like to donate to for that session. Then, decide whether you’ll be biking, walking, or running. Bikers earn 10 cents per mile, and runners and walkers earn 25 cents per mile. The app uses its GPS system to track how far you’ve been walking, biking, or running. The only downside is that this means you can’t use this app when walking on a treadmill or biking on a stationary bike. Just a better excuse to get outside and enjoy these nice fall days! You can donate to a different charity every time you go for a walk.

Some of the charities include:

  • Every Mother Counts
  • Autism Speaks
  • Feeding America
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity

And more…

There is an impact button on the app which shows you how much of an impact your donations have made! It’ll show you specifics; for example, how much research is being done, how much lumber is being donated to Habitat for Humanity, etc. I recently walked a mile for The Global Fund to fight aids, tuberculosis, and malaria. After my walk, I pressed the impact button to see that I’m on my way to donating an insecticide-treated bed net. These may just seem like little parts of the charity, but it really will make a difference in the long run!

Watch this video for more information.

What do you think of this app? Have you used it or something like it? Let us know @20sTweet or on Facebook!


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