A Sweet Way to Spend Today: Happy Sweetest Day!

We love holidays here at TwentyTweets, especially quirky ones that we discover on a whim. While I was meandering through Target the other night, I found myself in the card department, looking at cards that I definitely did not need. After spending a little over five minutes looking at Halloween cards (do people actually send those?), I noticed a little alcove with some cards that said “Sweetest Day, Saturday, October 20th.” I started to look at a few of the cards and was smitten. I’m not only a sucker when it comes to Target (you guys know this), but I die at the opportunity to give greeting cards. Don’t ask me why, but I totally love finding that perfect card for someone. I especially love when I find the cutest “for no reason” card, because I love slipping notes to friends, family, and other loved ones when they least expect it.

But enough about me and more about Sweetest Day. After buying a completely cheesy and embarrassing card for my boyfriend, I decided to do some research about this supposed “holiday.” It dates back to 1922, when a group of 12 confectioners in Cleveland, OH donated 20,000 boxes of candy to some less fortunate people in the area. It became so popular that some high-profile people during this era joined forces and helped donate more sweets to those in need. After a few successful years, it became an annual event, and is mostly celebrated in the Great Lakes region and some Northeastern parts of the United States.

It’s just a small and almost irrelevant holiday, but those are the ones I love the most! Like I said, I jump at the chance to buy a lame card and write an even lamer note inside. When I saw how cute the cards were at Target and how adorable the story was behind it, I knew I had to spread the word.

During my Sweetest Day research, I came across a blog with some great e-cards to send to friends. Check out Blue Mountain to see these gems. One of them is featured above in this post.

How are you going to spend Sweetest Day? Let us know here or @20sTweet!


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