Snag This Look: Comfortable Canadian Connection

Autumn is officially in full swing. In other words, if you haven’t taken full advantage of the chillier temperatures by wrapping a comfy scarf around your neck or pulling on your fave riding boots, you’re missing out. Snag This Look is back and we found the perfect fashionista to display a cute take on fall fashion. Shannon C. or@sincyrelyshan on Twitter, was discovered after some in depth tweet searching. Hailing all the way from Ontario, Canada, Shannon is the epitome of casual, cute, comfy, and stylish in her autumn garb. She says she’s constantly trying to look for the best ways to keep up with trends, yet not break her twenty-something budget. Sounds just like us! Even though she may be hundreds of miles from where we live in the Northeast, her stylish-yet-wallet-conscious ways connect almost impeccably with ours. Here’s Shannon:

20121015-123804.jpgHat, Boathouse, $29.99
Jean jacket, Bluenotes, $19.99
Boatneck tee, Garage, $18.99
Scarf, Garage, $16.99
Stud bracelet, Forever 21, $9.99
Shiny leggings, Garage, $18.99
Combat boots, Spring, $89.99
(Haven’t heard of some of these Canadian stores? We included links above!)

Our adorable friend Shannon says she is currently working to save up for college, so it’s fulfilling when she can find outfits that fit her price point. “I love finding cute things that look like something from an expensive store,” she gushes, adding that the thrill of telling her inquiring friends it’s actually a low-cost find is even better. What makes this look unique to Shannon? “I love dressing for fall because I adore hats and scarves, I think they can add that comfy-cute look to any outfit. The tshirt and leggings are simple, but paired with my hat and scarf make it a comfy fall look, and then paired with my combat boots and big stud bracelet gives it some edge, which is my personal favorite!

Do you like what Shannon chose for her fall staples? What would you add?! Let us know here or @20sTweet.

Also, don’t forget we are constantly looking for fashionable people to feature for Snag This Look. Don’t be shy, nominate yourself or a friend today!


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