The Rules of the Road (or so they say…)

Last night, my dad forwarded me an email from one of his co-workers. When you get an email from your dad with the subject line EMERGENCY ADVICE, you tend to read it right away. Immediately after I read it, I felt obligated to share the email with every woman in the world. Call me naive (or a cautious, Pennsylvania girl), but I was instantly affected by it.

The personal message at the top said something like “pass this along to your friends,” “this is horribly inventive and really scary.” Umm… WHAT? The story wasn’t really from my dad’s co-worker, but rather, it was one of those chain, pass-it-along type of messages. I never normally read these things, but since it was from my dad, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Although the truth behind it all still seems a bit vague, deep down, I have to admit: I’m really glad I read it.

I’ll spare you the entire story, but if you’re interested, I found it on under Crime Alerts: Urban Legends. Hmm… Anyways, the email goes on to warn readers about a gang initiation that reportedly involves luring, trapping, beating, and raping women using a fake, abandoned baby in a car seat on the side of the road. Effing sick, right? Like what woman wouldn’t stop if she saw an abandoned baby on the side of the road?

Part two of the email went on to warn you about getting egged while driving at night. Apparently, if eggs hit your windshield, you should NOT operate the wipers or try to wipe it clean. The story claims that eggs mixed with water make a milky residue, blocking over 90% of your vision and forcing you to pull over. Once you pulled over, the eggers reveal themselves as — you guessed it — rapists.

Clearly, the behavior of these stories is not something to be joking about, to say the least. But there comes a point when, girls especially, read and possibly believe one too many urban legends. Remember that movie? It kept me awake for weeks.


I can remember thinking that once I could drive, I would never flash my headlights at another driver traveling in the opposite direction without their lights on. I wasn’t going to take that chance!

From one paranoid chick to another, how are we supposed to know if any of this stuff is truly happening? It really is horribly inventive. The real sickos out there could watch these movies or read these stories and think “hmm, great idea,” right?

Tell me, TwentyTweeters, have I completely lost it? Should I just accept the fact that even some of the worst, real news stories are sometimes told in a frightening way? Should I just lighten up and laugh it off?


P.S. – If there is any truth behind the baby email story, God help those pervs if an abandoned child really does get left on the side of the road because of them. Disgusting.

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