Pics for Pets: An App for a Cause

I hardly ever catch morning television, but when I do, I can’t get enough. Maybe it’s simply because I only get a chance to watch once a month or so, but it’s seriously such a guilty pleasure of mine. This morning, my eyes were glued to my favorite drunken morning hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda on The Today Show. I do love laughing with (or mostly at) these two women, but what they have to say tends to be on the less important side.

That is, until they mentioned something about puppies. My ears perked up instantly, just like my little Brady’s does when I say the “w-a-l-k” word. Puppies!? OK, OK, you got me. Now what are you going to tell me about my favorite little furry friends? A smartphone app?! Tell me more…

Pics for Pets is a new smartphone app that helps shelter animals find homes. Talk about the perfect combination! With the help of, this app hopes to enlist the help of the constantly connected people of today’s society to find ways to help these poor puppies, kitties, and other homeless animals find their way out of the shelter and into the arms of a loving family. All it takes is an amateur photographer (and who isn’t one, now-a-days?) to upload a beautiful picture of the pet onto the app. Think of it as an instagram for a cause. You also input facts such as name, age, location, and other bits of information that will pop up when others use the app to find a pet. How purrr-fect!

Now if you’re anything like me, you already take enough pictures of your own pet to clog up your instagram timeline (sorry followers!). Take a minute to stop by your local shelter to snap some pictures of the animals there. You might not have the capacity to help these animals alone, but using this app may help find someone who can.

Pics for Pets is available for free as a desktop application, on the Android market, or in the iTunes store. Take a moment to download the app, tell your friends, and spread the word. There are way too many pets out there who deserve a chance. Visit the DoSomething website for more ways to help!

Share how you helped this amazing cause! Tweet us cute pooches or other adorable animals @20sTweet! We will be waiting (and so will Brady!!)

“Help my friends!”


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