Love a Little Leather

Last season was all about subtle lace and pleats–very girly if you ask me. This season, fashion’s taken a turn for an edgier look.  It’s all about leather embellishments–very rocker chic.

Unlike last season’s subtle detailing, this one is a little bit harder to pull off.  Lace is lace, no matter how much you spend on it, it pretty much all looks the same.  Leather, however, is different. You don’t want to spend a fortune, but you don’t want to risk walking around with a shiny pleather look.  Speaking of pleather, remember when pleather pants were so in around like, middle school?  I remember my sister rocking a few pairs.

Ann Taylor Leather Trip Sleeveless Wrap Dress. $69.88

With this new look, it’s not about a full leather get-up (we’re not asking you to be a Donna Matrix here) but rather, it’s about subtle leather details.  Whether it be leather buttons, straps, sleeves, or a leather hood on a jacket–a little touch of leather is all the rage.

This isn’t just a weekend style either.  Check out the LBD with leather trim on the right.  This dress from Banana Republic has leather trim around the collar and pockets.  Subtle enough for work, but adds a little flair.

While it may be in style, I can’t really picture myself wearing a denim jacket with leather sleeves (although if you do want one, you can purchase it here). One fall item I do love is a faux-leather moto jacket.  They literally sell these everywhere.  This year, I got mine for $45 at the Marshalls in Boston.  Not making the trip to Boston anytime soon?  Don’t worry, these jackets are everywhere.  I’ve spotted them at places like Bloomingdales (where I swooned over a $300+ Michael Kors moto jacket) to New York and Company, and Old Navy.  Obviously the more you pay, the more authentic the leather is going to be, but does it really matter?

Faux-Leather Moto Jacket at Neiman Marcus. $198

When it comes to really expensive things (like diamonds and leather) everyone is wearing the fake stuff–even some people who can afford the real thing!  Neiman Marcus is selling faux-leather.  Why break the bank for a leather coat when you can buy a perfectly good imitation of one?  In this case, an imitation doesn’t mean less stylish.

One last thing to keep in mind: pleather (shiny plastic leather-like material) is never a good thing.

Happy Shopping!


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1 Response to Love a Little Leather

  1. Michelle says:

    I was just in Italy, the leather capital of the world, and almost bought a real one since they’re everywhere, but didn’t want to spend the money. Thanks for these great tips in searching one out here in the states! And glad the trend is over here too.. I thought it was just over there. Going out to find one!
    – Michelle N.

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