Chic for a Cause

It’s so simple to promote a cause and look fabulous while doing it.  One of the most popular causes that has the biggest support of the fashion industry is breast cancer.  Everything from Sharpies to hats can be (and has been) repurposed to ignite support for breast cancer awareness.  As we mentioned last week, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month–so prepare yourself to see all your fashion favorites go pink!

When you’re looking for items to support the cause, it’s important to know where your money is going.  Does most of it go to the company, or does most of it go towards cancer research?  Not all companies donate their proceeds to finding a cure for breast cancer (although it may seem like they do).  Yes, by writing with a pink pencil with a cancer ribbon on it you might be spreading knowledge about the subject, but it may not necessarily share the wealth.  Now, I’m not saying to not buy anything that doesn’t give money; what I’m saying is, not all companies give money to the cause.  Just be aware of where your money is going.  You might feel like you’re making a difference by purchasing a $75 shirt that promotes breast cancer, but if the retailer is keeping all of the profits, are you really?

It’s not hard to find great, fashionable, and trendy pieces to support breast cancer awareness. Below are some of my favorites:

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about GoodWork(s) bracelets.  They’ve recently developed a line of bracelets and necklaces to support the children of breast cancer victims.  The PINK Bracelet ($32) and The PINK Necklace ($30) are both available now on the GoodWork(s) website.   50% of the net profits from the necklaces and bracelets  go towards sponsoring college scholarships for the children of breast cancer victims and supporting the breast cancer society.

Throughout the month of October, the Loft will be doing their part to help breast cancer research as well.  Their Live-In-Pink collection (with some items designed by breast cancer survior and E! personality, Giuliana Rancic) turned some of their classic items (scarves, pants, skirts, etc.)into hot pink; all for a good cause!  25% of each full-priced item will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Vera Bradley is also getting in on all the ‘Pinktober’ action.  When you purchase any of their products in Tea Garden, Twirly Birds Pink, Loves Me…, Hope Garden, or Pinwheel Pink Vera will donate 10% of the net proceeds to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

And of course, being fashionable for a cause isn’t just for the ladies!  Ford Warriors makes a fashionably chic silk tie ($29) for that special guy in your life.  100% of the net profits goes towards the charity of your choice.  You can choose from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, the Pink Ribbon Fund or Young Survival Coalition.

I know there are plenty of other fashionable ways to raise money.  What’s your favorite?  Because let’s be honest–we can all look fabulous in pink this month!


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One Response to Chic for a Cause

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    My favorite is Alex and Ani ( Their Charity by Design this month is for two bangles – Ribbon of Strength and Hope. 20% of sales support the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation. Gloria Gemma is a nonprofit close to home for us! This RI company works to spread awareness, education, resources, and hope in the fight against breast cancer.

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