$8 for Nail Polish? Is it Worth It?

Recently I’ve realized that Essie nail polish is in. I’ve always been one to appreciate the fine art of nails, but when I was at the store, I noticed that Essie was $7.79. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Almost $8 dollars for 0.46 oz bottle of paint?  Let’s be real. If you’re college gal, like me, I’m looking at NYC’s section for $1.99.

Now, I’d be a real liar if I told all of you that I’ve never used Essie, because I have. And one more confession: I’ve paid for a bottle of it, too. BUT NOT FOR $8!!

I was shopping at Marshalls the other day and noticed the small Essie selection. I thought to myself, why not? It was only $3.99 and, obviously, I would rather pay that than $7.79.

So I painted my nails with my new “Glamour Purse” almond-like color, and the next day they were already chipped. How disappointing!

I’m not bashing Essie whatsoever, but I just didn’t see a huge difference of using Essie over any other brand of nail polish.

Am I not using enough coats?  Should I not put clear on top?  Am I supposed to paint them a certain way?  Until I figure it out… I’ll be sticking to the cheaper selections.

TwentyTweeters — what’s your view on an $8 bottle of nail polish? Is it worth it?


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