Apps to Have Some Fun

Earlier this week we shared our favorite “productive” apps.  Well, you didn’t think we’d leave out the fun ones, did you?  Sure we like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but we wanted to tell you about some other fun apps that you might not know about yet.  Trust us, you should absolutely check them out! Oh, and they’re all free!

Hey Tell: A quick way to communicate with friends by hearing their voice instantaneously. Hey Tell is a fun walkie talkie on your phone  and it’s free! The messages are faster than that of text messaging. Before I downloaded it I thought “Why not just call the person?” but it’s actually much simpler to use this app if you want to carry on a convo while still doing other things! ~S

Netflix: Instagram is a given for us at TwentyTweets, so for my second favorite I’d have to say Netflix. I love the accessibility of having this on my phone, so easy to watch movies and shows on the go! Obviously you need to have an account with Netflix but there is a free trial so you can try it out before purchasing! ~T

Nordstrom: As a self-proclaimed “shopaholic,” how could I not have a fashion app in my list of favorites?!  This app lets you shop by brand, designer, department, or by scanning the barcode in store!  Stay in the know about the latest trends, sales and must-haves.  You can even create a wish list and compulsively send it to your mom, boyfriend, sister, and friends. It’s all the need-to-know about Nordstrom in one (free) app. ~J

Pic Stitch: If you’re an Insta-junkie like me, you’ve probably seen collage-like photos all over your timeline.  With Pic Stitch (or another rendition of sorts), you can “tell the story” so much more effectively by making a collage of photos to add to your photo feed. The free app itself is fun and easy to use, allowing you to customize, save, and share your photos across all your social media platforms. ~E

Pinterest: That’s right, it’s Pinterest. As I wrote my profile, I’m “addicted!” I can’t stop pinning. HELP! I love this app because there are so many things that are interesting to me. I mentioned before I am SUCH a DIY girl and this app allows me to show my creative side (especially decorating my new house)! I also got some ideas for a I am hosting a Halloween/masquerade party I’m hosting.  All inspired by Pinterest! It’s going to be a blast! ~K

SongPop: I am really not a cell phone gamer, but when I discovered this app, I joined the dark side. Think of this game as a mix between Draw Something, Words with Friends, and your favorite iTunes playlist. You can sign up with Facebook so it’s easier for your friends to find you, and then you can start playing. During the game, you rotate turns of choosing one of three music genres (chosen by SongPop), listening to clips from five different songs, guessing them from the four choices (artist or song name), and sending your results to your opponent. They play the same round and whoever guesses the most songs correctly in the shortest amount of time wins that round. “Tournaments” end every Sunday, and SongPop tallies your score for the week. Coins you get for winning allow you to “buy” new genres and other fun features. Im addicted — send me a game, ASAP!! ~B

What are your can’t-live-without apps?  Let us know, @20sTweet!

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1 Response to Apps to Have Some Fun

  1. AlyR says:

    Thanks for sharing these fun apps! I’m on the go a lot for my job at DISH, so having fun apps along the way to help with the boredom I face in airports and such is awesome! I’ve had a lot of fun with Hey Tell with a few of my friends while on the go too, so I definitely agree about that one being one of the best! Another one of my can’t-live-without apps is DISH Remote Access. I have a Sling Adapter at home, so with the app I’m able to watch all of my favorite shows, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. It definitely helps in the killing-time department as well as when I know I have a show I need to catch up on. 🙂

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