(Please Don’t) Snag this Look: College Party Faux Pas

Last Saturday I took a trip down to my alma mater to do a little post-grad partying with some friends. The night was full of the usual college rager components: cheap beer, birthday boys, underage-underclassmen, bathroom lines, drunken new friendships, and a random dude walking around cracking people’s backs (okay, maybe that’s not too normal, but it actually did happen). The night was completely cliche… and I loved it. That is, until I noticed a group of girls and what they were wearing.

I should probably preface this by saying this was NOT a theme party. We’ve obviously all been to at least one of these. You know, where you dress up like a CEO, hoe, high school stereotype, or something along those lines. Nope. This was a completely run of the mill, completely uncreative college party where you dress up in your favorite casual, ready to get drunk gear.

Although this might be borderline creepy, I had to sneak a picture of one of the aforementioned fashionistas… Here is the best I could get:

Ummmm… Now is it just me, or does seem a little too casual for a party??! Was I crazy for thinking WTF as I sipped my Shock Top right behind her? I must say, though, I give this girl props (and her friends, who were wearing eerily similar get ups) for being adventurous (or something…). To her defense, I guess she could have showed up after a theme party (Gym Class Heroes, perhaps?), but I think I would have packed at least a shirt to cover up if I decided to leave.

Whatever, to each their own, I guess, right? I’m sure there have been some crazier party styles, though. Have you guys seen anything worse?? Let us know here, on Facebook, or @20sTweet!


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