Apps to Get Things Done

Remember what life was like before your smartphone? Those days when you had to go to a computer to check your bank account balance, get your news and weather, and update your Facebook status? Seriously, what would we do without our smartphones and their apps? We know how important saving time is for twenty-somethings so we’ve complied a list of our favorite productive apps.

Huffington Post: I’ve always been a “news-junkie” so it’s nice to have an app that has so much news in one place. From entertainment news, to politics, to style and pop culture (and everything in between), this app has it all. This free app will keep you in the know and will occupy you for hours…or in my case my whole commute to and from work! ~J

GasBuddy: With the increase of gas prices, Gas Buddy is a free app that finds the cheapest gas wherever you are! If you like saving money, this is the app for you! Gas Buddy not only finds the cheapest gas station, but gas stations that are close to your location! Because of this app I’ve found gas that’s near me for 30 cents cheaper! You can’t beat it! ~S

Kayak: Hands down. I LOVE to travel, but I am not about to pay the highest rate. Kayak shows the lowest rates because it compares all airlines and it’s even more convenient because it’s right on my phone. You can find your flight, and then book it, pay for it, get the conformation email, AND check-in all through this app. It’s definitely a time and money saver. I highly recommended it. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend and I are going to Vegas in November and we both got round trip tickets for $200. WHAT?! Who’s complaining…Not this girl! ~K

MyRadar: Worried about a storm ruining your plans? With this app, you can check the radar in a matter of seconds. No more logging onto or relying on the (not-so-reliable) weather app that comes on your phone. The animated map on this free application pinpoints weather patterns surrounding your current location. This allows you to see how quickly and in what direction a storm is traveling. It’s always been extremely accurate for me! Zoom and pan across the map to see weather patterns everywhere. ~E

Sleep Cycle: For $0.99, this app mixes sleep science and fun to create a cool way of helping you wake up in the morning. It actually has a lot of informative details written under instructions, so I’d suggest you check it out. The app itself monitors your sleeping patterns (in all different states… rapid eye movement aka REM, and more) using the motion sensor on the front of your iPhone. I suggest you play around with it on a morning where you don’t have anywhere extremely important to be. The app explains how “a fixed alarm clock is a lottery. If you’re lucky, it wakes you in a light sleep. If you’re unlucky, you are in a deep sleep and barely conscious.” Waking up in the lightest sleep phase when your body actually feels rested and relaxed is ideal, and that’s exactly what this app aims to do! Once you acclimate yourself with Sleep Cycle, you’ll be changing it to your daily alarm clock. Another cool detail? Waking up to a detailed graph of your sleep pattern from the previous night. After five days, it provides you with a sleep quality review as well. Sweet dreams! ~B

Stubhub: This is my go to app to find cheap sports and concerts tickets. Unfortunately, since the NHL is in a lockout I won’t be using it as much, but it’s nice to have the access right on my phone. No plans for the day? Check out Stubhub for day-to-day activities in your favorite cities. ~T

Of course it’s important to be productive, but it’s just as important to let loose and have fun! On Friday, we’ll reveal our list of our favorite fun apps…and the best part is they’re all free!

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