Make Your Shopping Experience a Little More “FAB”

Every time I go shopping I feel like I’m asked to sign up for some kind of reward card. Every drugstore and grocery store has one (and of course, you ONLY get the sale price if you have the card) and most recently clothing stores as well.

For the past year or so my favorite reward card has been for Sephora’s Beauty Insider Card. You get one point for every $1 you spend and eventually you can redeem those points for gifts. You also get special deals (I’ve gotten $30 gift cards for my next purchase of $50 or more), birthday specials and exclusive offers. Once you get 500 points you can redeem them for a full-size item. Gifts are constantly changing and you can also redeem your points for smaller gifts once you have 100 points.

The other day I went into Bare Escentuals to get some primer (and if you’re not using it, this post by Erika will make you reconsider) and was offered a FAB (Friends and Benefits) card.  My first thought was, yeah right. Another discount card that doesn’t actually do anything but save me the occasional 50 cents? No thanks. But then I looked at what I really got with the card and changed my mind.

The benefits of the free discount card include:

  • Choose your own sale day and get 15% off your purchase.
  • A present on your birthday tailored to you (because you fill out a personal profile when you sign up for the card).
  • Spend $150 and get $10 off a future purchase (and we know how easy it is to spend $150 on Bare Esentuals products).
  • Special event invitations
  • Random gifts and surprise

So twenty-somethings, this isn’t just any old discount card. This is a discount card you’ll actually want to use.  To sign up click here or visit a nearby Bare Esentuals store.


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