A Little “Gymspiration” for Your Lazy Days

Before you begin reading this post I have a bit of a disclaimer.  You’re going to read this post in think one of two things (or maybe both. I’m not quite sure.).

Thought 1: Wow, this girl is a total stalker.  I hope we don’t go to the same gym…
Thought 2: Hmmm, this might not be a bad idea…

Twenty-somethings, this post does resemble a bit of stalking (and I’m not talking about Facebook stalking either).  It involves creeping people at the gym for your own benefit.  Please don’t judge me…

The idea of “gymspiration” came to me one morning during Spin class.  You see, I’m basically addicted to Spinning but on this particular morning I was feeling a bit tired.  The class hadn’t even started yet and I already didn’t want to give it my all.  Not a good time.  So, I decided to chose a bike next to a woman who looked like she was in amazing shape (a little judgmental, I know).  Of course, her great figure didn’t mean she was a spinning pro, but it did mean that I was going to spin my heart out in case she decided to glance over at me and judge me if I was going easy on myself.  With this complex thought gymspiration was born.

 Gymspriation: The act of watching someone at the gym without them knowing in order to motivate yourself.  The person you’re creeping watching becomes your gymspiration.

All kidding aside, it’s like finding a gym buddy…they just don’t know it (yes, that definitely sounds creepy).  Everyone does it.  We all look at the people around us and check out what they’re doing.  Sometimes it’s to see how a machine works, to find out the right form for an exercise, or to just get general ideas about what to do at the gym.  With all those machines, classes and weights it can be easy to get overwhelmed, or to fall into a routine that won’t get you any results.  So if you’re like me and don’t have a gym buddy for those 5 AM work-outs, use those around you to find a source of motivation. And seriously, you might even be someone else’s gymspiration.


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One Response to A Little “Gymspiration” for Your Lazy Days

  1. Michelle N. says:

    I do this all the time! And usually the cute guys are motivation for me as well, being the single gal that I am! Lol.

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