Act of Valor: A Redbox Must-See

Ever have one of those nights when simply going to the movies seems like too much of an effort after a long, tiring week? You’re not alone. That’s why they created Redbox, right? Now granted, there isn’t always the best selection of movies… but what do you expect for less than $2/night?

If you’re having one of those can’t-move-from-the-couch kind of nights, pick yourself up (I’m serious!) and head to your closest Redbox. Because I have just the movie for you; it’s the 2012 American action film, Act of Valor.

When Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh of Bandito Brothers Production decided to feature one of the country’s most covert and elite fighting forces in this movie, they realized that no actors could realistically portray the roles that they had created. As the movie developed, actual SEALs were drafted to star in the film. Personally, I was in awe knowing that the men in this film were some of our country’s own most honorable. The actors themselves remain anonymous, as none of their real names appear in the film’s credits. Intense, to say the least.

And that’s only the beginning. The action-packed film personally established an entirely new level of respect, trust, and amazement in those who protect our country. You can’t help but think that these events, both good and bad, are literally occurring around the globe to people like the ones who you’re watching on-screen. And for the families who are truly saying goodbye to their loved ones as they set out on a mission? My heart was absolutely torn for them.

Now, if you jump online and check out reviews before making your way to Redbox, you may be tempted to pass this one over. I’ve heard and seen a lot of complaints about the film, which mostly have to do with the acting in itself. Like… really? They’re not trained actors, remember that. These are REAL men who perform REAL acts of valor each and every day. So their lines may seem a little forced, and their emotions might not seem completely raw. But if you look beyond the surface, you’ll see into a world that you may have never seen before. The action, truth, and emotions in this movie will most certainly pull at your heart’s strings. It’s different from all the rest because as you’re watching the real deal, a sense of pride and admiration inevitably washes over you. From each defeat and conquer, you’re rooting for your country’s real men until the very end.

Have you seen Act of Valor? What did you think? Let us know @20sTweet!


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One Response to Act of Valor: A Redbox Must-See

  1. Stephanie says:

    I agree. The acting wasn’t very good but it didn’t ruin the movie. It had a great story and really leaves an impression on you!

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