The Balancing Act

So, I’m taking a break from my normal posts about beauty, makeup, etc. and getting a little more personal about my life after college (especially now that I’m back IN college…)

From the time that we were kids, we’ve always had to balance. We balanced school, family time, and a social life (or as much as a kid could have). As we got older, we continued adding more things into our lives and continued needing to find ways of “balance.” We grew up, got part-time or full time jobs, and went to tech school, college, etc. We began dating, we met new friends… all of these things which helped us make up who we are. But how do you successfully make time for all of these things, including time for yourself?

Well, there really is no easy answer. It’s no secret that now is one of the most stressful times of our lives. So how can you actually evenly proportion everything?

First start by setting priorities… Secondly, SIMPLIFY anything that you can. You’re not alone — twenty somethings everywhere are trying to establish regularity in their lives.

Easy ways that I eliminate my stress for school… DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! (And hey, what do you know, it actually works! It’s a first time thing for me.) I’m in school, I just moved into a new place with my boyfriend, Josh, and we both have families who spending time with is important. I’m lucky enough to be able to cut back to working only four days a week. Whew!

Schedules always alleviate some stress. Write it down week by week – then you always know what’s coming up next! Between my family, my boyfriend’s family, and all of our friends, we’ve found it easiest to set certain times when we can see them (ex. Mondays we have dinner, etc.) You may be surprised at how well scheduling things that you never would have thought about in the past can ease a lot personal stress.

As I’ve mentioned, I recently moved in with my boyfriend, so we see each other quite a bit, working perfectly for us. Luckily, we also have time for things like working on finances together, pitching in around the house, etc. Doing these things together eliminates stress on both ends. We know what’s going on with the money (i.e..- what’s going out, what is coming in, and we also set aside money in our own budgets for personal expenses). And for me, de-cluttering my house always makes me less stressed. Staying organized and keeping up on chores makes for less cleaner later, which, let’s be honest… no one is really going to complain.

FINALLY… You need time for you. Treat yourself now and again… get a mani, pedi, your hair done, or whatever else that may relax you. Sometimes, I just want the house to myself. So (after straightening up of course), I’ll watch a movie, drink tea, or read a good book. It’s important to recharge after a long stressful week!

I know some of you can relate — what techniques do you use to de-stress? Best of luck to an almost stress-free life 🙂


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2 Responses to The Balancing Act

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    Great advice, Katy!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I agree! Simplifying is key. People tend to stress about things that aren’t really that stressful !

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