Summer to Fall in 3 Easy Steps

You know that cute summer dress you found on sale last week? The one you thought you would have to push to the back of your closet until next summer?  Well, think again!  With these three easy steps you can make that dress something you can wear for the next couple of months–at least!

Chances are you already have all of these items in your closet which means it’s going to be easy (and inexpensive!) to take a transform your summer dress for fall.

1. Add a jacket or scarf…or both! Two of my favorite fall items (I know, I have many).  They’re both versatile pieces that look great with jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts. Honestly, is there anything that doesn’t look good with them? Blazers and scarves are great because you can easily take them off if you get too warm (and let’s be honest… fall temps can be quite unpredictable) and they’re not awkward to carry around.

2. Ballet Flats, Riding Boots, or Booties. Ditch the sandals and throw on some closed-toe shoes instead.  It can be hard to move those flip-flops to the back of your closet but seriously, ballet flats can be just as comfortable!  Whether it’s heels or flats these are the perfect fall shoe.

3. Chunky, Bold Jewelry. Just last week, we told you all how much we love bold jewelry. Layer on the bangles, rings, earring and necklaces (preferably not all at the same time though) for a very fall look. Big jewelry can sometimes make you feel weighted down (and kind of sticky) in the heat so the cooler weather will finally give you the opportunity to wear your jewelry again.

Not sure what to do with your hair? Soft waves are always in style and will finally be manageable after all the humidity is gone. Or if you prefer your hair up, try a top knot for another chic look.

Bring on fall!!


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3 Responses to Summer to Fall in 3 Easy Steps

  1. sessy the boss says:

    Thank you I do this all the time, but I get exited for the jewelries I dont wear any!

  2. Stephanie says:

    So pretty! I love your navy blazer and sundress.

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