TwentyTweets College Vocab Series: Time to Party

Last but not least, college parties. There’s nothing better than your first basement, beer pong tournament experience. Not a clue as to what we’re talking about? Have no fear. The ladies of TwentyTweets would never forget the third (and arguably the best) college vocabulary list.

Today’s installment: Time to Party!


Day Drinking: When the party begins well before the sun goes down. Whether it’s for some organized event (tailgating, Beer Olympics, block parties) or not, this is one thing about college that you’re surely not going to want to miss. In the mood for a buzz early on in the day? We guarantee there’s another whole group of people thinking the same exact thing.

Beer Olympics: Just as the title reads, this competitive drink fest is full of various beer drinking events and crowns a team of champions. Teams of usually 4-5 people come up with a creative name or depending on the tournament, a country to represent.  Teams compete against each other, eliminating the less capable drinkers along the way. Unfortunately, many beer Olympics that I have been a part of end without a victor. As the day wears on, the beer continues to flow, and attention spans focus more on solely drinking rather than drinking with a purpose. Either way, it’s a sure-fire way to get your booze on!

Thirsty Thursday: The (un)official kickoff to the weekend. At some schools, this is the biggest night of them all. Get ready and start drinking early, because you may or may not have a class that takes attendance the next day.

11 o’clock: The beginning of the night. Unless you’re a weekday warrior, the time to head out to parties and bars is usually right around 11 p.m. Get to your destination any earlier, and chances are you’ll be greeted with an empty room.

Pregame: The simple solution to a variety of things. The pre-party party usually consists of music, shots, and for girls, the final touches to your outfit for the night. Don’t want to show up too early? No problem. You’re going to want at least an hour to pregame beforehand anyways. While deciding on the official game plan of the night, you’ll surely be in the mood for just about anything after a successful pregame.

Kings: Speaking of pregames, you might as well bring a deck of cards and learn the game of Kings. You and group begin with the cards placed in the center of the table and some variations include a beer in the center, as well. Each player picks a card and must do whatever the card dictates under each card’s rule. You may run into a few variations to the standard set of rules, but this is how we play here at TwentyTweets:

  • King: Make a rule that everyone in the game must follow. If someone forgets to follow the rule, they drink (or some other unfortunate thing happens to them). This can get really fun and vindictive if you happen to have a friend who loves swearing (no swearing!), talking with his or her hands, or want to be referred to as the Queen for the rest of the night. Be creative!
  • Queen: Questions. Start by asking someone in the game a question and they must respond by asking someone else a question and so on. First person to mess up, drinks.
  • Jack: “Never have I ever…” Everyone holds up three fingers and you go around the group saying things you’ve never done. When someone says something that you’ve done, you put a finger down. First person with all three fingers down drinks.
  • 10: Categories. If you pick this card, come up with a topic and name something from it (think: beer brands, cars, Bruins players). Whoever slips up in naming something from your category, drinks.
  • 9: Bust a rhyme. This is easy enough. Start by saying a sentence or phrase and then everyone has to rhyme it. It might turn out like a haphazard rap song, but that’s all the fun.
  • 8: Pick a date. Pick someone in your group and whenever you’re prompted to drink, they must as well.
  • 7: Heaven. If you pick this card, point the sky. The last person to notice must drink.
  • 6: Chicks. Cheers, ladies!
  • 5: Guys. Same thing, boys. Start drinking!
  • 4: Floor. Similar to “7”, reach for the floor. Slowest friend to react, drinks.
  • 3: Me. Drink up, my friend.
  • 2: You. Point out a person in the group, they drink.
  • Ace: Waterfall. My personal booze bag favorite. Start chugging (everyone else follows suit), and once you stop, the person next to you can stop.. And so forth. This is fun because if you know your chugging abilities are better than the person next to you, give them a run for his or her money.

$5 Pitchers, $1 Drafts: College town bars have THE best drink specials–especially on Thursday nights! Take advantage of the deals and save your fancy drink orders for nights when everything is full-priced anyways.

Carpool: No one shows up anywhere alone…ever. So pack your car with friends and head out. Not everyone has a car in college, so it’s super convenient if you or a friend have one. Just don’t forget to give your friend with the car gas money! It can become expensive and boring to drive your friends around every weekend… so be sure to divvy up the DD roles as much as possible.

DD: Designated Driver. Heading off campus? Decide who’s driving home before even beginning the night. No one wants to be stranded at some random house party or worse, feel stuck without a sober driver. Although it probably doesn’t seem like it, there are a few required responsibilities in order to party successfully.


It seems like only yesterday that we were all little freshmen. Now, we see the kids who were freshmen teaching other freshmen the turns and tricks of the trade. Lost on campus? Ask an upperclassmen. This isn’t high school, kids. Look out for one another and enjoy every minute… You’ll be surprised at how quickly your four, precious college years are over!

If you’ve already started classes this fall, you have three whole days to let loose and have some fun. Long weekends in college are usually pretty epic. No one’s thinking about school work until at least after dinner on Monday night. Enjoy! Happy Labor Day weekend – it’s time to celebrate.


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