First to arrive… Last one to leave

Watching the sun set from your office window isn’t exactly ideal, especially during the last few weeks of summer. There’s probably about a million different things you’d rather do than slave away at your desk or cubicle. However, in light of Brittni’s optimistic post, I thought I’d try to come up with at least a few good things about working late. We can put a positive spin on just about anything, right?

  1. Staying later than your boss always looks good.
  2. If you’re paid by the hour, you’re racking up some overtime.
  3. If you’re not paid by the hour, well, at least it looks good.
  4. You can raid the office’s kitchen without having anyone there to notice.
  5. You can snack away at your desk without having anyone there to judge.
  6. Find a new Pandora station and crank it up! Again, because there’s no one there to care.
  7. You meet the cleaning crew – it’s always nice to thank those who work in and around your work space.
  8. It’s a test of just how long your mind and body can be productive on purely caffeine.
  9. Skipping meals is an easy way to diet. (KIDDING! You should find something to eat for dinner – refer back to #4 for my suggestion.)
  10. You’ve made less work for yourself tomorrow – maybe then you won’t have to stay so late!

Can you think of any others? Sound off below!


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4 Responses to First to arrive… Last one to leave

  1. Nicole says:

    For five years, I worked in corporate marketing and business development. A “good” week was 90 hours but I refused to go salary. Needless to say, my bank account loved OVERTIME pay. While the money was great, I have to say that working yourself to death is not always as glamorous or rewarding as one might think. If you do it long enough, your coworkers will expect it forever and you will burn out. Your relationships will suffer and your body will scream for rest. Learn to set parameters, healthy boundaries for your sanity, and good luck! =)

  2. Roxanne says:

    This describes me everyday! But, I would definitely add that you can get more work done because no one is coming in and out of your office distracting you/interrupting you! I am much more productive after everyone else is gone for the day (not to mention by then I’m wide awake: night owl!)

  3. ErikaAnn says:

    Roxanne – that’s so true! I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person by any means, but for some reason, I find myself being much more productive before lunch instead of after… That is of course… until I’ve had my afternoon coffee πŸ™‚

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