A Monthly Present? Where Do I Sign Up?

You know that excited feeling you get when you get free samples.  Sure, food samples at the grocery store are good but I’m talking about the really good samples.  You know, the makeup samples.  One of the best parts about ordering from Sephora.com is getting to pick three free samples.  (I’ll admit it–in the past I’ve held off my order if I didn’t really want any of the daily samples listed.)  Whether it’s because they’re free, or just because they’re something new, samples are just…fun.

Imagine how great it would be to get dozens of samples every month…

Well, my twenty-something friends, I’ve discovered an entire website dedicated to just that.  Birchbox.com is a company (started by two smart ladies from Harvard) that sends samples directly to the doorstep of its members at the beginning of each month.  For only $10 a month (that includes shipping) Birchbox sends a box of products that range from lifestyle (Larabars, bracelets and designer Band-Aids), to grooming (face masks, cleansers and sunscreen) to beauty (lip gloss, nail polish and bronzer).  Sometimes the brands are well-known, other times, they’re up-and-coming.  Half the fun is not knowing what you’re going to get in your Birchbox.

So what happens if you get a sample that you really love?  Do you have to go searching for it?  The answer is no.  Birchbox also has an online store that has full-sized items available for purchase.  There’s also incentive to buy directly from Birchbox.  For every dollar you spend, you earn 1 point.  Then, redeem your points for more products on Birchbox.com.  Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.

Other benefits:
-You never get the same sample twice.
-Every 100 points you earn is good towards $10 off a full-sized item.
-Earn more points (up to 40) just for filling out product feedback surveys each month.
-Birchbox ships to everywhere in the United States.
-Birchbox offers how-to videos on their website.  Right now you can check out how-to properly apply liquid eyeliner, how-to get “Gossip Girl” Waves, and how-to do a polka dot manicure.

Now, if you’re interested in Birchbox you have to sign up and reserve a spot in line.  The website says the average time on the waiting list is about 4 weeks.  (I only signed up to become a member a few days ago and I’m already eagerly awaiting my “acceptance” email.)

Reserving your spot is easy.  Simply check off if you’re interested in receiving a box for men or women, and enter your email address.  The rest of the steps (payment, address, etc.) will be confirmed following your acceptance.  Once you’re accepted the fun part begins–filling out your interests so you can get samples that best fit your personality.  Then, it’s time to sit by the mailbox and wait!


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2 Responses to A Monthly Present? Where Do I Sign Up?

  1. melai19 says:

    Reblogged this on melai19 and commented:
    love this product,,,, its a must try

  2. ErikaAnn says:

    Just signed up!!!! 🙂

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