When GTL becomes G, L, L, L, G

In college, I can remember looking forward to Thursday nights for a variety of reasons. Thirsty Thursday, of course, was the official start to the weekend. However, we all know that there were some Thursday nights that we just didn’t make it out. If you were forced (because of studying or just pure laziness) to stay in on a Thursday, it wasn’t a complete bust because of the night’s TV lineup.

Personally, on those nights that I stayed in to “do work,” I didn’t budge from 9-10 p.m. while watching Grey’s Anatomy. But at 10 o’clock, things got a little more interesting. I was bound and determined to watch Addison’s spinoff (Private Practice) and my beloved guidos (The Jersey Shore) at the same time.

Ahh… The days of GTL. My roommates and I even had a Jersey Shore-themed party. Check out those poofs! We were all watching as the cast wentย to Miami, Italy, and back to Seaside again. Their salaries increased, fist pumping took over, and tan skin in the middle of winter didn’t seem so strange to those of us in the real world anymore.

I’ll be honest, I held on until this past season. I had to know if Ronnie and Sammi would ever figure it out. Apparently, they have… at least for now. And I think we can all agree that “The Situation” is simply the worst. The season ended, cast members went home, and Snooki got pregnant.

So now that Snooki is an engaged, expecting mother, my question is… Is anyone still watching? Jenni and Nicole’s not-so-cleverly named spinoff, Snooki & JWoww, aired this summer. I tuned in for one episode, and quickly realized that the entire season was old news. I already knew that Snooki was pregnant, I already knew that Roger would come in and out of Jenni’s love life, and quite frankly, I was not impressed.

What happened to the mob of GTL-ers? I can tell you from experience that this cast just about walked on water only a few short years ago. Pauly D’s visit to my Alma Mater was insane. You can read about it here in the Huffington Post.

But as this infamous cast member took off to pursue his own career in the Pauly D Project, are as many twenty-somethings still watching?

Check out any one of their number of Twitter followers. They’re still as popular as ever. I don’t know if it’s just me, but not many people that I know are still talking about the latest Jersey Shore drama. Besides Snooki’s baby news, they haven’t really changed… So what does that mean? The cast members themselves are all about our age. We haven’t out-aged the show, but we’re no longer entertained by drunken bar fights, crying girls, and fist-pumping meat heads. Does that mean we’ve out-matured them?

A major turning point in one’s post-grad life is the day when the cast members of your used-to-be favorite reality TV show simply become a nuisance. Your bed time becomes earlier, a night out consists of a drink or two at happy hour, and you can’t even imagine putting in even half as much effort getting ready as you once did.

I’m not saying this all to say that we’ve all gotten older and just plain boring (at least I hope not). But at some point, we have to change. We have to step out of our trashy club heels and step into something classier. It’s certainly not a bad thing, but I bet some of you will agree; it certainly is a bittersweet moment.


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