Love Your Skin, Love Yamerra

One of my favorite things about New York City is enjoying all of the unique things that the city has to offer.  The restaurants, bars, and most of all, the designers and artists selling their creations.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a designer market in SoHo.  My sister and I were casually browsing when we came across Yamerra Skincare.  The owner and CEO, Maryam Moma was sitting at a small table introducing those passing by to her wonderful line of Shea Butter products.  The next day, my sister and I were still talking about how happy we were that we had stopped in… And, of course, how smooth and hydrated our hands felt after using the butter.

Yamerra is 100% all natural and organic Shea Butter products for your skin and hair.  It smells delicious, is non-greasy, and is good for you, your skin and the environment. Yamerra boasts, “…consisting of natural herbs with aromatherapeutic elements, soothes the mind and body. Our restorative ingredients stimulate the mind and titillate the senses with scent while nourishing the skin and hair.”

A very small amount of these wonderful products go a long way. My two favorite scents are Sultry Mango and Sensual Bliss: Jasmine Sage.

After our free sample (and hand massages!) it came time to talk price.  My sister and I were already pretty much sold, but the question was… how much cash were we going to be forking up.? $20? $30?  After all, we thought, they are organic and homemade.  You can imagine our delight when we found out that each 1/2 oz. container was only $12!  Needless to say, we bought four.

What impressed me the most about Yamerra was that it wasn’t all about the profit.  It was clear that the main objective of the company was to promote eco-friendly products that help men and women love their skin and feel good.

You can find Yamerra sold at multiple locations throughout New York City; locations are listed here.  (Be advised that the days each location are open vary so make sure to look carefully before visiting.)  Not going to be in NYC anytime soon? You can also find Yemarra in Philadelphia, Nebraska and online.


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