Fantasy Football: A League of Their Own, Part One

Remember Roxanne, who shared survival tips for day drinking at the Preakness with TwentyTweets? Well, she’s back! This time, she enlightens us with more fun — Fantasy Football. There are few things in life that Roxanne loves more than football. Whether it’s watching it live or on TV, playing flag football, or reading and tweeting about it, she loves it all. She’s a huge Baltimore Ravens fan (much to my own dismay), and chimes in on the infamous rivalry between my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and her beloved Baltimore Ravens.  So for the first time this season, Roxanne is joining the 14 million others who participate by creating a Fantasy Football team. Follow along over the next few weeks as Roxanne talks us through becoming an expert in the fantasy world of sports. As a sports fanatic and social media junkie, it’s safe to say that this league will quickly become her latest obsession!


If you’re not exactly sure what Fantasy Football is, simply put, it’s a season-long competition where you draft your own team of NFL players and compete with teams compiled by other people in your very own fantasy league.  Team points are earned based on all your players’ real-lives and real-time performances. In Fantasy Football, consider yourself as a team owner — you select your players until all predetermined roster slots are filled.

Throughout the season, you’ll choose a starting lineup for each game, sign replacement players, and make necessary trades.  During the final weeks of the NFL’s regular season, the end of Fantasy season also wraps up with a playoff tournament to determine the league winner.

Though many (guys) argue that the Fantasy Football League is a man’s world, there are over a million women that participate and the popularity is rapidly growing. As Brittni’s mentioned before, it’s time to stop hating and start watching.

A couple of my fellow Baltimorean ladies and I decided to start a girls-only Fantasy league, appropriately named A League of Their Own. The eight of us came up with Ravens-themed team names. Of course, my team Rice ‘em Dice ‘em was named after one of my favorite players (and hopefully a draft pick-up!) Ray Rice.

Only one of us has played Fantasy before, so it’ll be quite the learning experience. With our draft kicking off tonight, I’m still ironing out who I want to pick up, and honestly I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing! Of course, I’m hoping to draft some of my favorite Ravens players, but I’m really looking forward to snagging some star players from across the entire NFL.

Whether you’re an avid football fan like myself or just want to earn some brownie points from your significant other, Fantasy Football can be fun for all. Learn more about other football teams and players, besides your own favorites, or simply learn a thing or two about one of America’s favorite games. Who doesn’t love some friendly competition, right?! From the competition of the league and the newfound knowledge of the game, you’re bound to get something out of joining a Fantasy Football League.

There’s plenty of time to get in on the craze (check out the Yahoo!, NFL, or ESPN free leagues). Gather a group of your girlfriends, join an existing league, or coax your boyfriend into letting you join his league.

I promise you don’t have to be a football expert or even a football fan. There are tons of websites out there if you’re looking for some Fantasy Football guidance (and boy, do I need it!) There are even a surprising number of resources out there specifically for females attempting to play Fantasy, too (I personally love

So, what are you waiting for?! Give yourself another reason (or the only reason) to enjoy football Sundays. I promise that earning the bragging rights after you’re crowned champion of your Fantasy Football League will make it totally worth it.

Wish me luck and check back soon as I tackle my first Fantasy Football season!


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