7 Things You Need to Do Before Summer Ends

August?! Already?!  But it feels like we were just celebrating the beginning of Summer!

Every year summer begins the same way: with a summer bucket list.  You know, the list of things you and your friends absolutely have to do this summer.  There are the obvious: beach, amusement parks, outdoor concerts, etc.  Then there are the obscure: skydive, road trip across country, backpack through Europe–you know, the things that will stay on your list for countless summers until you realize it’s not practical to take a month off from work.

Here’s a short list of things you should add to your end-of-summer bucket list…and there isn’t one that will cost you a fortune.

Hit up a Farmers Market.  I’m not entirely sure when my obsession with Farmer’s Markets began, but for the longest time now I hate to pass one without stopping by.  What’s not to love?  You get to help your local economy, pick up some yummy produce (that hasn’t been shipped across the country or sprayed with harmful chemicals), and maybe even meet a few people!  Bonus: A lot of Farmer’s Markets have great recipe suggestions.

Go to the Beach.  While I’m sure you’ve (hopefully) gone a few times already there’s always room for another beach trip.  Because seriously, come October you know you’ll already be itching to get back to those sandy shores.

My sister and I at Fenway Park.

Go to a Baseball Game.  I went to my first MLB game a few weeks ago.  While I’m not exactly knowledgeable about the game (at one point I was super excited when the Sox scored a “home run” only to find out it was just a foul ball.  Hint: A ball going into the stands does not equal an automatic home run.) I still had a great time and learned a lot.  In fact, I’m already trying to figure out the next game I can go to!

Visit a Vineyard.  At Erika’s suggestion, my mom and I visited Newport Vineyards a few weeks ago.  What’s perfect about Newport Vineyards is that it’s near the ocean which means cool breezes and a relaxing atmosphere.  Whether it’s for a romantic date or an afternoon with your girls, a vineyard tour (and wine tasting) is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Be a Tourist.  Chances are there are some pretty cool day-trip destinations in your own state.  Just Google some things to do in your city or state and you might be surprised!

I did some tourist-y things this summer and had an absolute blast.  Nantucket is only a few hours (and ferry ride) from my house?  Who knew?!  Why I hadn’t been there in my twenty-something years is beyond me.  But now it’s going to be a staple on my summer bucket lists.

Outdoor Bars, Clubs, Restaurants.  Let’s be honest.  In the summertime, everything is better outside.  You can go to all the fun indoor spots in the fall and winter, but for now get outside and enjoy those warm summer nights.

Outdoor Trails, Bike Paths and Parks.  Let’s start with the best part: they’re free.  Another great thing: it gets you moving.  Sure visiting those bars and fro-yo places are fun ways to catch up with your girls but if you’re like me heading to a restaurant with your girls (or guy) just to gossip gets old fast.  Plenty of towns have bike paths and if you’re in the Boston area, go check out the Freedom Trail.  You’ll be surprised how quickly (and easily) the miles add up when you’re just walking and chatting.

What did I miss?  Let us know what you have planned for the rest of this summer @20sTweet!


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