Always Clean, Always Clear

I don’t drink coffee in the morning and I’m trying to stay away from calorie packed sodas throughout the day. However, most recently, I found a solution to my inevitably groggy mornings. Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser is what I use to wash my face every morning. This cleanser is formulated with caffeine, lemon, and papaya. It brightens and awakens your skin. I find myself dragging throughout the day if I forget to use this cleanser, and just opt for soap in the shower. I’m serious! And recommend trying it out – I picked mine up at Target for around $5.

The Clean & Clear website is very easy to use; I even explored the deals and discounts section (who doesn’t love free stuff and coupons). And if you love Target as much as TwentyTweets does, you can stop there and get a free tote bag with a purchase of any two products. There is also a dollar off coupon featured on the site as well.

Let us know if you use this Clean & Clear product or any of their other products @20sTweet!


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