Get Fit While STILL Looking Fab

The gym is hardly a place for high fashion. The average gym attire consists of the same few things: shorts, tanks, t-shirts you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) wear in public, yoga pants, etc. Not very exciting.  However, overdressing for the gym isn’t an option either.

So what the heck are you supposed to wear if you want to look cute (but appropriate)?  I sure don’t want to spend $50 on some yoga pants or $30 for a t-shirt I’m just going to sweat in.  If I’m going to be spending that kind of money you bet I’m going to make sure I can wear it more than one (sweaty) place.

The good news is that I’ve found something that will keep you looking fabulous during your workouts: GapFit, Gap’s collection of athletic wear.

The clothes in the GapFit collection are the perfect balance between fashionable and comfortable–even for your most intense workouts.  The clothes are fitted without being too tight; they’re loose without being baggy.

I have 3 favorites from the GapFit collection:

GapFit Motion Seamless Top  My favorite thing about these is that they’re so long.  If you like wearing leggings to the gym this is the perfect top to wear with them.  The material is soft, comfortable and wicks away moisture better than any other shirts I’ve tried.  One of my favorite things about these is that they come in so many fun colors like neons and pastels.

GapFit Motion Seamless Racerback Tank Similarly to the t-shirts, they’re nice and long.  These tanks are perfect for a class (or work-out) where you’re working up a crazy sweat. Personally, I hate when I’m run and my clothes are moving all around.  A tank top riding up your back is not a good look.  They only thing I want to be worrying about while I’m running is how far I’ve gone (and of course, how much I have left to go).

GapFit gFlex Capris I have quite a few pairs of these and wear them to the gym almost every day. The capris are slim throughout the hips and thighs, and flare out at the bottoms which gives you room to move easily.

Other items in their collection include: Jackets and long-sleeve tops (perfect if you like to run outside in the fall), sports bras, “dance pants” (meant to elongate your legs), leggings, shorts and more.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. These workout clothes aren’t cheap.  In fact, they’re exactly like the $30 tops and $50 pants I talked about not wantingBUT you can almost always find them on-sale.  In fact, I’ve never had to pay full-price for anything in the GapFit line.  Like I said in another post about Gap, Gap clothes go on sale quickly and they almost always have some kind of sale going on.  Don’t want to wait for the sale? Gap Outlets also carry their own items from the collection.  You can usually get pants for about $20 and shirts for around $15-$20.


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