USA! USA! A Truly Inspirational Athlete

The 2012 Summer Olympics are only a few days away.  While many people know their favorite games that they’ll be tuning into (we all know Erika will be glued to her TV during the gymnastics competitions), there might someone you haven’t heard about yet, Dotsie Bausch.

Bausch is a 39-year-old cyclist on Team USA.  Her inspiring story makes her a woman worth watching–even if you’re not into the less-than-action-packed sport. (Although I personally love biking and spinning!)

Bausch isn’t one of those athletes who’s been competing her whole life (I’m talking about you, Shawn Johnson).  Twelve years ago, she started cycling after her therapist suggested she try something she hadn’t done before, as a way to overcome a severe eating disorder.

Not only is she a champion bike racer (she’s a six-time U.S. National Champion) and track cyclist (the sport she’ll be competing in at the Olympic Games), but she’s also a champion for people overcoming their own eating disorders.  Her website boasts that she helps men and women around the world “return to healthy eating and living habits.”  She also co-founded Empower Coaching Systems, an organization that helps men and women reach their training goals.  As a side note, the coaching seems amazing but boy, is it expensive.  Packages start at $349 a month (meaning: for serious athletes only).

Bausch is a role model for women and men everywhere.  She shows people that they can turn something negative into a positive, and overcome something that once (in some ways) defined who they were.

If you’re interested in Baush’s story, I recommend you check out this ESPN article and interview. You’ll undoubtedly be as inspired by her as I am.

Want to cheer her on?  You can check out Bausch and her team as they compete in the qualifying rounds at the 2012 Olympics on August 3.

All information and pictures for this post were taken from Bausch’s website.


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