A Nutritionist…In Your Pocket

Losing weight isn’t easy. I know what you’re thinking–hardly a revelation. What is it this week?  Carbs? No carbs? Low-carb? It can all be so confusing, and striking the perfect balance can be difficult. When it comes down to it though, being conscious of what you’re eating and exercising is all you really need for a good diet. And no, consciously eating cupcakes and Oreos doesn’t count.

The My Fitness Pal App (free from the App Store) makes counting calories easy and effortless. I’m talking… just taking a picture of what you’re eating, and the rest is done for you!

To begin, you select your goal: Lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight (I wonder how many people actually use the last one). Anyways, first you enter your height and weight.  Then, select a timeline in which you hope to reach your goal. For example, you can enter that you want to lose/gain 1.5 lbs a week.  That’s it!  Get ready to reach your fitness goals.

Each day you document what you eat, how much you exercised and how many cups of water you’ve drank. Most mornings I start my day with Chobani Greek Yogurt with homemade granola (I found the recipe here). The best part? All I have to do is take a picture of the Chobani barcode and the nutritional information automatically comes up. Talk about impressive. Obviously the granola doesn’t have a barcode, so I just manually enter the calories.  The App automatically subtracts the total calories from your recommended daily intake (based on your goals) and tells you how many calories you have left for the day.

Another bonus of this App is that you can link it with your friends! There’s a little newsfeed at the bottom that will notify your friends about your daily exercise and how well you did with your overall calorie count. Nothing says motivation like letting all your friends know when you over ate–or maybe it’s the opposite and you’re letting everyone know that you ran 5 miles!  (I must confess though, usually mine is the first one).  However, you don’t have to share your information. Your app only links to your friends if you approve it.

There are so many other neats tips and tricks that you really have to check the App out for yourself.


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