How-to: Have the Perfect Holiday

With the Fourth of July falling mid-week this year, you may be thinking that a single day just isn’t enough time for a fun-packed holiday. WRONG! Check out what these TwentyTweeters had to say — celebrations should start as early as tonight, last all day tomorrow, and continue throughout the weekend!

Kate: “My favorite place to celebrate 4th of July is always somewhere with water and sand! I love having the day off from work and enjoying an extra day relaxing at the beach. It’s a great excuse to get all your friends together in one place and eat way too many red, white and blue snacks! I love topping off the night with watching some local fireworks and celebrating the American way – with a cooler of Bud Light!”

Jenna: “Party-hopping is an absolute must!  I love going to a couple of different cook-outs and firework displays, and seeing as many friends and family as I can.  Of course, what’s the 4th of July without a pool, lake, or beach?  I’m lucky enough to be able to spend most of the day at my family’s lake house, and then to check out a firework display/continue drinking with friends afterwards.  There’s no sleeping in on the 4th…  Get up early and spend the whole day celebrating!”

@KShughrue: “My ideal midweek holiday:  Laying in the sun, doing absolutely nothing all day… I wouldn’t even mind the location as long as there is sun and water.”

@ElanaLyn: “The best way to spend 4th of July is at a BBQ with friends then watching the fireworks on the national mall in D.C.”

Taylor: “My whole family and family friends get together the Sunday before the 4th of July. We had our party on the 1st this year, and it was a lot of fun! I love being with my family during holidays, it makes them much more enjoyable. For the 4th, I’ll be working at Lincoln Woods per usual. But I’ll be making bank, so I can’t complain!”

@Skatefigure5: “Tomorrow night, I’m heading to the waterfront of the Hudson River in Peekskill, NY to watch the fireworks. Saturday, July 7th is going to be this year’s annual 4th of July celebration at my Uncle Brian’s – kegs, food, volleyball, swimming, fun, and his own fireworks show (which is just as spectacular as the waterfront).”

@BROgala: “Watching the fireworks from a roof deck in Beantown while sipping’ some homemade sangria #summerlivin‘”

@daciadaly: “For Rhode Islanders, Block Island is the place to be. I can’t wait to go to take the ferry over to Block Island every year (even thought it looks like it might be a rainy holiday this year). Hopefully it will be nice enough for a perfect holiday of day drinking on the beach with basically everyone I’ve ever known, followed by going to see fireworks with the boyfriend 🙂

Katy: “Every year my family and I would have a huge party on the 3rd because my town has fireworks at midnight at the park across my street. Everyone would bring lawn chairs and sit and watch the fireworks. We’d have drinks (4th of July sangria, beer, bourbon slushies, etc.), our own fireworks, sparklers and so on… cookout with burgers, hot dogs, kabobs, and corn with Old Bay (Yum!!) However; since I no longer live with my parents, my boyfriend and I are starting our own tradition… We’re heading to the beach Saturday-Tuesday for post 4th of July 🙂 Just in time to get away and relax!”

@KhiYEAHra: “My ideal mid-week holiday would be a spontaneous trip to North Carolina… Yup, anything to spend 33 hours with the BF!”

Erika: “Spending the day with family! I live almost 7 hours away from home, so we make the most out of every holiday together. Last year, I went home for a pool party in my backyard. This year, my parents are coming to visit New England! We’ll squeeze some beach, fireworks, drinks, and more into the next few days!”

@nmhutch: “Most Texans go crazy on the 4th. I prefer to stay home and eat yummy food, then watch a dozen fireworks shows from our porch.”

@LibbySegal: “This year I am all about the Independence part of the day. This year I wanted to try something new. I wanted to celebrate the 4th by trying out a tradition that we see many people attempt, that we have seen many people fail at, and that we have seen many people do to make others smile. This year I decided to try out stilt walking in honor of the 4th of July. (I am 5’2″, so you can imagine the difference I felt as I towered above after strapping on a pair of stilts. Discovering my balance, early, I found a way to walk around without fear. By the end I was boogeying.) I am not saying stilt walking is the best way to spend your 4th, but I am hoping you’ll feel inspired enough to try something new–to go out and maybe play a game of baseball–bake a pie–or host your own hot dog eating contest. It’s 4th of July– and who wants to blend in with the crowd on the day that celebrates independence?”  (Check out Libby’s quest to try 52 hobbies in 52 weeks this year at

Happy 4th, from everyone at TwentyTweets! 

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2 Responses to How-to: Have the Perfect Holiday

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m officially the most BORE-ING person on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA
    Happy 4th of July, y’all.

    Nicole @ Three 31

  2. ErikaAnn says:

    Nicole, you are NOT boring!!!! A relaxing day sounds absolutely fabulous!

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