Pour, Cut, Serve: The Easiest Sangria Recipe

It seems like I’m always saying “One of my favorite things about summer…” but what can I say, there really are just so many great things about this time of year.  The clothes, BBQs, movies, the beach and the drinks (just to name a few) make this season the most wonderful time of the year.  During these hot summer months (and some of the cooler ones too) Margaritas are all the rage.  I love a good Margarita as much as the next girl, but with all those calories (we’re talking nearly 800 calories in a 10 oz Margarita), they really should be passed upon.

A great alternative to the summer favorite (with about half the sugar) is Sangria.  A friend recently sent me an e-mail for a fantastic (and my new favorite) sangria recipe.  And it’s easy to make because you’re basically just pouring entire bottles into a pitcher (a.k.a. no measuring), cutting up some fruit, and serving.

To make this Sangria you’ll need:

1 (Large) Bottle of Sutter Home White Zinfandel

1 (Small) Bottle of 99 Peaches

12 oz of Dole Pineapple Juice

Oranges, Cherries and Apples for Garnish

2 Liter bottle of Sierra Mist Natural

Hint: Add the Sierra Mist to the Sangria right before you’re ready to serve it.  If you put it in too early the soda will go flat.

Love the White Peach Sangria at Applebees?  You’ll love this!  It’s a “copy cat” recipe.

So now that I’ve made you feel guilty about ordering that second Margarita last weekend (sorry)–check out the complete list of Forbes’ Ten Most Fattening Cocktails. We can both do better next weekend. 😉


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1 Response to Pour, Cut, Serve: The Easiest Sangria Recipe

  1. Brittany says:

    Almost all of my favorite drinks were on that “Most Fattening Cocktails” list……. BUMMER. This recipe seems simple enough….. I’ll have to try it! Thx girls 🙂

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