Capturing Memories in the 21st Century

Once upon a time, people used to take pictures on their cameras, drop the film off at the store, and be surprised with how terribly their prints turned out. “I shut my eyes? What a waste!” Thanks to invention of digital cameras, we only have to print the photos that we want. In fact, we can delete the bad ones right on the spot.

Then came Facebook… Twitter… Flickr… Instagram. You name it! It’s hard to remember before the age of uploading when we were printing. If you wanted to share your pictures, you had to stand in line at Wal-Mart, select your prints, remove the red-eye, crop, and maybe even make multiple copies for your fave frames all on some ancient machine.

For me personally, those days are long over. But for some reason, looking at photos on a screen just isn’t the same as holding the photos in your hand. I’m a scrapbooker, and I love it. As a side note, I feel the same way about books. Sure, a Kindle makes perfect sense. But there’s just something about holding a book in my hand and turning the pages that just can’t be replaced.

So, since I’m clearly NOT going to go print photos at the store, what’s a lazy girl like me to do? Now, I know this isn’t a mind-boggling, new invention, but given the options, it’s by far the best. I’ve tried a few different photo sharing sites, but this one’s my favorite: Editing, printing, and creating made easy. I’m a scrapbooker, remember? Well, I’ve made entire scrapbooks on this site. I’ve made Christmas cards. Calendars. Mouse pads. And I’ve printed hundreds of photos for less than 10 cents a picture. Join the site, and explore it for yourself. They email you discount codes all the time for free prints, free shipping, free almost everything!

The ability to share albums and pages with other members is one of the best features that I’ve found on the site. For example, when everyone’s taking their own photos on a family vacation, it’s very easy to get prints of everyone’s. You simply create a shared page, have everyone upload their photos all at the same spot, and print from whatever album you’d like. They’re high quality too! (Unlike when you try saving and printing pics from Facebook). Photos arrive in the mail a couple of days later… It’s the easiest way to capture your memories!

Give it a shot… And get creative. I never thought I’d receive so many compliments on a mouse pad in my life.


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2 Responses to Capturing Memories in the 21st Century

  1. Michelle says:

    I did the same thing! You know I’m obsessed with Shutterfly!!! 😀

  2. ErikaAnn says:

    Yes, I do! It’s the best 🙂

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