Summer Trends Too Hot to Miss

Since summer officially starts today (if the heat didn’t tell us that already), I thought I’d let you know it’s summer with a few new trends that you definitely want to be a part of! These style trends range from clothing to accessories and will look good on anyone.

High-Low – This can be applied to dresses, skirts, and tops. This trend has been popping up at every clothing store I walk into, even Target! The high-low trend is basically just styles that makes an article of clothing higher in the front and lower in the back. It can be worn dressy or casual!

Studs – Very in for summer, mostly on shoes and accessories! I’ve been sporting gold spiked bracelets recently and get a lot of compliments on them! Studs aren’t only for rockers; throw in a studded bracelet or clutch purse to edge out an outfit.

Skulls – I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect skull top and I haven’t found one yet, but I will. I’ve been seeing skull clothing items mostly on TV, in particular on Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. There are other ways to wear skulls; it could be on a bracelet or necklace, and even a scarf!

Polka dots – Even though you may have worn polka dots as a little girl, they are making a comeback this season. I’ve seen many crop tops and body con skirts with polka dots on them.

Chiffon – Chiffon tops and skirts are all the rage right now! I recently bought a navy blue chiffon sleeveless button up high low top … try saying that five times fast. I bought it at Marshall’s for $12.99 and I’m OBSESSED with it. Forever 21 has a lot of chiffon tops, I mostly see them as sleeveless button ups. They are light and airy which is perfect to wear in the summer heat! They look really cute with jeans for a night out. Most of the chiffon tops are see-through so depending where you’re wearing it you could get away with a cute bra, a bandeau top, or a tank underneath.

All of these styles are going to be very trendy this summer, and they’re easy to put together with clothing pieces that you may already have. Accessories are a great way to start to add to an outfit and spice it up a bit!

Let us know if you’ve rocked any of these styles or if you have any other trends you’ll be trying this summer!


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