(Not-So-Obvious) Necessities for Living on Your Own

Moving into a new apartment can be pretty exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Moving in by yourself? Even more so! Once you get over the fact that weird noises really are just weird noises, you may finally realize that you have the entire bathroom, the entire fridge, and well… the entire apartment to yourself. Then, after picking out plates, glasses, end tables, and a shower curtain, you’ll realize that some not-so-obvious essentials are missing in order to live comfortably in your new digs. Here are just a few of the things that I didn’t think about when starting out on my own little adventure:

  • Reusable shopping bags. I just made my first solo trip to the grocery store, complete with wasting time spent strategically packing and carrying my plastic shopping bags. Luckily, I’m only on the second floor. An easy solution? Those extra large reusable shopping bags! Had I used these, I could have packed a lot more and carried a lot more very easily. Plus, they’re better for the environment.
  • A “must-read” list. As much as I love social media, alone time doesn’t have to mean drowning yourself in Facebook, Twitter, and even TV. Find a good book and start swapping with your friends. I guarantee you’re not the only one looking for something new to read!
  • Extra pillows/blankets. Planning on having some visitors? It’s a good idea to keep some extra blankets and pillows tucked away in your hallway closet.
  • Guest towels. While you’re supplying your guests with pillows, you may want to set aside a few towels for them as well. You want them to come again, right? Another idea: decorative hand towels. Yes, I’m serious. Do you really want your dirty makeup towel out on display in your new apartment? I didn’t think so.
  •  Recipes and cookbooks. The next time that you’re back at home, search around Mom’s recipe books. Now that you have the entire kitchen to yourself, you probably have some extra time to try out your cooking skills.
  • Tupperware.  Since you’re cooking for one, there’s going to be leftovers. Lunch tomorrow… even better! Make sure you have plenty of storage containers in a variety of sizes. Don’t let your new recipes go to waste!

Have any other tips for newbies? Share below or @20sTweet!


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1 Response to (Not-So-Obvious) Necessities for Living on Your Own

  1. libs012 says:

    I think I’ll print this out for the day I can finally afford living on my own. One day haha. Though, here in NYC that could only be for literally ONE DAY. hehe. Otherwise, I think this is a great, great list for someone starting out on their own


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