Target: An Unlikely Obsession Explained

Anyone who has been reading TwentyTweets for a while, or has ever spoken to me for more than five minutes, is completely aware of my uncontrollable and sometimes excessive addiction to Target. I personally don’t see how one could ever NOT be completely engrossed in the amazingness of this store. To me, it is more than a store, it is a way of life. Seriously.

Okay, enough of my utterly crazy ramblings. I’m here to try to enlighten those of you who have either never fully experienced Target or if you… it pains me to even say this… possibly hate on this establishment. Brace yourself. It may be a lot to handle at first, but I promise that you will be #TeamTarget in no time.

A particularly new Target in Warwick, RI (Warwick Mall)

First and foremost, let’s get the pronunciation straight. Yes, it’s spelled T-a-r-g-e-t, and most people say it how they learned it, especially if they’re English speakers. If you’re a TRUE Target connoisseur like me, you add a French accent to the end. Tar-zjay, if you will. There’s really no reasoning behind this except for the fact that it makes me feel classy and upper echelon. Something about a French accent make everything classier, right?

The ambiance is spot on (pun completely intended). I don’t know about you, but whenever I walk into my local Target (or the one the town over…or the one two towns over…or even the one a state over), I instantly feel happy. It’s extra bright and colorful. The employees are usually quite cheerful. The overall layout is just very inviting. It also helps that most stores have a Starbucks at the entrance. Who doesn’t want to pa-rouse Tar-zjay (I hope you’re practicing) sans a Venti Iced Skinny Caramel Latte? Psh… no one, that’s who!

The dollar spot!!!!!! After you purchase your latte, your next stop MUST be the dollar spot. What is that? UM, only the cutest little trinkets and random nick-knacks, all for $1. Even though sometimes it might be over kill, I ALWAYS run through to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. I’ve gotten gift bags, cards, note pads, hair clips, dog toys, dorm room decorations… you name it. Why would you ever want to spend more than $1 on stuff like this, anyways? I don’t buy something every time, but when I do, I never regret it!

The colorful ones in the middle are my most recent purchase! ($28.99)

CLOTHES. SHOES. ACCESSORIES. OMG. Go ahead and judge me, but I don’t pretend to have a bigger bank account than I actually have. This doesn’t mean that I have to suffer by not looking cute or out of the fashion loop. I happen to be very proud of my closet and guess where the vast majority of my clothes, shoes, and accessories come from…Target! For the purpose of this post, I took all of the shoes I could find out of my closet that I knew were from Target (see above). Yes, they were all under $30 and yes, I have had many pairs for multiple years. They aren’t the BEST quality that I could ever ask for BUT they’ve held up through many drunken nights in college (and maybe after college), a multitude of random events, and just the daily life of a fashionable twenty-something. The same thing goes with the clothing items I’ve purchased here. It would take me WAY too long to find every garment I’ve purchased here, but here are some of my favorite outfits:

Patterned blouse with belt, approx. $20

A complete outfit from Target (shoes, pants, top, & nude tank underneath)








my FAVORITE: Maxi dress & cardigan, both from Target

As you can tell, I am rather obsessed. I won’t even bore you with how much I love the make up, stationary, electronics, and home departments. Who knows, maybe it will be a future post… but I think you should experience if for yourselves. I LOVE it when people compliment me on something, mostly because I know they will never believe me when I say I bought it at Target. It’s almost like that adds to the satisfactory experience of shopping here. Before I conclude this, here are some final Tar-zjay selling points:

  • Trends come in and out faster than we can keep up with sometimes. Why drop a pretty penny on an item that you know will only be in style this season? I know I still have a romper that I probably will not be wearing in my closet collecting dust but I only spent like, $15 on it… so I’m okay with that.
  • Basics shouldn’t break the bank, either. Do you love comfy, short-sleeved tees for relaxing weekend mornings? Are black leggings a staple in your wardrobe? You can buy a bunch of these items at Target (I’m wearing an adorable bright neon green boyfriend tee right now!) without worrying about going broke. Plus, things like tanks, undershirts, and other under garments get gross after a while. Buying them at lower prices will make it easier for to get over the fact that they got a little ratty over time.
  • Be realistic with your post-grad budget. All jokes aside, we all know how hard it is to save money now-a-days. With student loans, car payments, rent, boyfriends, going out, friends, whatever … life costs a lot of money. We also want to pamper ourselves, too. This can be a lot to juggle with little-to-no income. Target will be your best friend during this time. Believe me!


Now that I’m done expressing my undying love, I’d love to know what kind of goodies you guys like to buy at Target. And admit it, how many of you just go there to walk around?? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. Hit us up on @20sTweet. I’ll be waiting!!!



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4 Responses to Target: An Unlikely Obsession Explained

  1. Rebecca says:

    Did not enjoy this, target is okay for the most part but I wouldn’t go above and beyond on their quality of clothes and shoes. Their other sections such as home goods are way better and should have been mentioned. This article semi seems like a knock off on the Previously posted savers article which was better and more affordable in my opinion.

  2. libs012 says:

    One of the things about moving to a big city is that you lose the ease of finding all the things you need in one place. There are two targets here in the city that are extremely far out of the way. But I miss the easiness of just walking in a T or a W and finding EVERYTHING I need instead of catching a train from the bottom of the city to the top for one thing and then over to the west for another thing. I swear we have stores for JUST forks–and then another one for JUST spoons–okay maybe not that far, but I did take for granted Target, when I had it conveniently in my life. THanks for the post.

  3. Brittany says:

    I agree! Target has THE BEST shoe selection πŸ™‚

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