Bethenny…On Daytime TV?

Oh, Bethenny Frankel.  Can we be BFFs?

Ms. Frankel is in a word, fabulous.  She’s an entrepreneur, a mommy, wife, successful businesswoman, an icon and now a talk-show host!  She doesn’t hide the fact that she comes with baggage, and quite honestly, makes me feel like I’m not the only crazy girl in the world.  And I can’t hide the fact that I’ll probably never get sick of watching her.

Her new talk show, Bethenny makes its debut Monday on FOX.  But before you get too excited–know that it’s only premiering in selected cities.  And sadly, my city is not one of them.  Unless you’re part of the 6 cities listed below, you’re not going to be getting your Bethenny fix via TV.

While I’m not sure if this will even be possible, I’m (desperately) hoping I’ll be able to catch her show on-line.  Or at least be able to see some clips from the show?  If you’re super lucky and if you’re going to be in the Burbank, CA area, you can request tickets to the show here.

For now, you can check out Bethenny talking to Ellen Degeneres about her new show to preview what you can expect from the newest talk-show queen.


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