Snag This Look: Get All Maxed-Out

Summertime is here and that usually means time for sundresses, cut-off shorts, colorful tops, sandals, wedges, and tiny-bikinis. That seems like all you need to complete a summer wardrobe, right? Wrong. What have all the hottest celebrities and non-celebs alike been rocking through these hot-yet-sometimes-confusing summer days? A maxi dress.

The realm of the maxi dress has been one that I have been hesitant to enter since the trend came to fruition. Why? Because the thought of a full-length dress seemed either too frumpy or too dressy to pull off in the daily life of a fashionable twenty-something. Don’t fret, though. I am here to share my journey into the maxi dress world…And hopefully you will join me!

I recently purchased my first maxi dress for my birthday weekend. A very close friend of mine had shown up to casual girls trips to the mall wearing her new maxi dresses, so I started to realize that maybe I could pull it off. She’s shorter than me, maybe around 5’2″ (I’m 5’6″) so she pretty much shot down any “rule” that said shorter women could never pull off this look. I found the dress that deflowered me Target (and if you know me, that’s not a surprise) when I was looking for an outfit to wear out one night. Although I didn’t wear it to the bar (too much dancing and sweating would be involved), I saved it for a birthday lunch with another close friend of mine who ended up wearing a maxi dress as well (see below)! Talk about a fashionable coincidence.

Myself & Pam at my birthday lunch.

Now what makes a maxi dress so special? Besides the fact that they can come in every shape, color, design, and size…Here are some pros:

  • Versatility. The same girl friend whose opinion pushed me to try this trend recently took a trip to California. She was able to rock her maxi on both the star-studded streets of Beverly Hills and the low-key beaches of Malibu. The same dress went from a seriously classy fashion statement to a comfortable cover-up in a matter of seconds.
  • Comfort. We all strive for this, even though most of our favorite fashionable moments call for some serious discomfort. There is literally nothing uncomfortable about a maxi dress. If you find one that fits your body size, the only thing you should feel is the flow of absolute style.
  • Accessorize…As much or as little as you want. As you can see above, I threw on a small belt to add a cinch at my natural waist. I also added a simple necklace to add some personal charm. A couple nights earlier I wore my maxi out to dinner (don’t judge, I washed it ;)) and it was a little chilly so I threw a plain green cardigan on over it. I’ve also seen some cute maxi’s under a jean jacket or other type of cover-up, or you can do what my friend Pam did (above), and leave all of the accessorizing to the dress itself. It’s totally up to you.

When it comes to footwear, I would personally stick with a pair of flats, but I’ve seen some celebs rocking their maxi’s with cute wedges. What I definitely recommend: keep it casual/comfortable. At the end of the day, it’s not prom. In other words, there’s no need to OVER dress in your maxi. Have fun and please, enter the world of the maxi dress. You’ll thank me!

Okay, so I know there must be so many more pros to this fashion trend, so what do you guys think? Have you rocked a maxi yet? Let us know @20sTweet!


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