Give Your Nails the Midas Touch

Remember when you were in middle school and you and your friends would break out the glitter nail polish? Well, this post is kinda like that–except without all the awkward school dances.

This is clearly not the gold top coat I’m talking about but didn’t have the gold one on their website.

I was in BareEsentuals recently and fell in love with one of the sales girl’s nail polish. It was a pretty mint color (which is so in this summer) with small specks of gold.  She told me it’s just regular nail polish from the drugstore (nothing fancy) and she bought the gold top coat at Sephora. The funny thing was, was that the girl next to her was wearing the same mint nail polish without the gold. And seriously, what a difference the gold made.  I should note that this gold made it look like it was part of the nail polish–it was chic.  Not like that globby, chunky, nail polish you could get for $2 at CVS.

This nail polish can take any basic color and transform it into something eye-catching. And for only $10 a bottle it won’t break the bank.  I prefer the gold, but if you’re more of a silver girl it also comes in silvery-rainbow color.

One of my favorite nail polish tricks (and it’s not even really a “trick”) is to carry around the bottle of nail polish I’m wearing for quick touch-ups on the go.  Nothing makes your hands look worse than a bright manicure that’s all chipped.  So, keep up with the chips and keep your nails looking fresh all week long!


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