New or old? Who cares!

Red blazer: $2.99

Used clothing isn’t everyone’s style, but surprisingly, it could be. Trust me, I LOVE to go to the mall and shop for something new. But let’s face it: someone else could be sporting that same top or skirt when you go out for drinks with the girls. I started shopping at Savers over a year ago, and at first I was nervous, thinking I wouldn’t find anything that worked for me. I was so wrong. I walked into the Savers in Providence, RI, with an open mind (and my best friend) to see what we could find.  There are so many unique, interesting items, and I’m so happy that I gave this store a chance.

Light pink and white pin striped blazer: $2.99

Savers is a thrift store that purchases their merchandise from donations received by non-profit organizations. After Savers purchases the merchandise, all the items are sorted and only the highest-quality merchandise is sold to customers. The majority of the items that don’t sell are shipped to developing nations around the world. Pretty cool, huh? Savers has several sections including; Women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, Children’s clothing, books, home goods, shoes, accessories, etc. I really enjoy shopping at Savers because there are so many unique yet cheap items to be purchased. I’ve turned a few of my friends into Savers shoppers, and it’s such a fun experience! I haven’t purchased an entire outfit yet, but I’m beginning to expand into different sections of the store! I just purchased a pair of Ked’s there for $3!

Going to Savers for the first time can be extremely intimidating. I’d like the give you some tips to make your trip a bit easier:

  1. Go with someone whose opinion you value. You don’t want to pick something up without a second opinion (this is natural with shopping anyways).
  2. Have an open mind; try something on that might look totally ridiculous on the hanger but could ultimately work out.
  3. Cheetah print button down: $2.99

    Be willing to dedicate a lot of time since there is so many items to look through (I’ve spent two hours there without even realizing it).

  4. Look for brand names; a lot of the clothes are older and from the 80’s-90’s but some are items from Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger.
  5. Always examine the item closely, checking for stains or holes.
  6. Wash everything before you wear it!
  7. Have a spending limit on items. I will not spend more than 10 dollars on something from Savers. I’ve bought really nice shirts there for 4 dollars or less! It’s AMAZING!

My best friend Renata trying on an entire outfit that costs less than $25

On most holidays, Savers has a special where almost all the items in the store are 50% off!  But you HAVE to get there early if you want to snag some goodies!

I hope these tips and photos will inspire you to take a trip to Savers! They have a store in almost every city, so even if you aren’t into purchasing anything, they do accept donations at all their stores!


P.S. They have THE best book selection! All books are less than 3 dollars. Score!

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