Up in the gym, just Kickboxing on My Fitness

So you’ve tried everything—gym memberships, yoga clubs, workout videos. You may even have a treadmill collecting dust in your half-finished basement. But no matter what you try, you just cannot seem to find an exercise regimen that works for you (or gets you those J-Lo like abs as seen on the American Idol finale).

I too suffer from this problem, though I will be the first to admit that my lack of physical activity has more to do with laziness than anything else. Let’s just say that I am notorious for choosing to sit around eating chocolate rather than visiting the gym or even going for a jog.

Whether or not laziness is your particular downfall, or lack of confidence, or lack of time, I think I may have finally found the solution that works for me—and could work for you too! Two weeks ago, I joined a kickboxing class at America’s Best Defense (ABD) in North Attleboro, MA. Check out their website for all the details.

This class is incredible. Not only is it an amazing workout in a truly supportive and comfortable atmosphere, but the staff at ABD is talented, professional and more than knowledgeable in their field. I happened to join they were running a special (the discounted prices don’t expire until the end of May… So hurry!) so it isn’t a financial burden for me. Honestly though, the regular price of the class is still less expensive than other similar programs that I’ve seen.

What I love so much is that I am still attending class. I’ve never sweat or been so sore in my life… but it’s all good because I’m already starting to reap the benefits! I have more energy, I feel motivated, and I’ve lost a couple of pounds. Take me to the gym, and I’ll maybe walk on a treadmill for a while; but stick me in this class, and I work harder than I knew I was capable!

If anyone in the Providence/Boston area is looking to get into great shape, I highly recommend ABD. Even if you’re not local, it’s worth searching around to find a kickboxing gym near you. The classes are fun, the staff is friendly, and you’ll be gaining practical skills along with your brand new abs!


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1 Response to Up in the gym, just Kickboxing on My Fitness

  1. libs012 says:

    Martial Arts/Kickboxing/and boxing are by far some of the best workouts for the body. You work out your core, your legs, your arms–your mind. Getting off the treadmill and into a cross-fitness workout is one of the best things a person can do for themselves–the more muscles you work, that you don’t normally work, the more you’ll fee the workout–and the better you’ll feel overall. Glad to see you found a great spot to join near you!

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