The Unexpected Arm Workout

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with all of you how my BF is determined to transform me into a golfing girlfriend (Hey, country club wives have to start somewhere, right? ;)) So anyways, we hit the driving range this past Saturday. This time, however, I must mention that I was using a set of clubs that actually fit me thanks to fellow TwentyTweeter, Jenna. Her aunt was disposing of an old set and Jenna thought that these clubs had my name written all over it… Sweet, huh? Free golf clubs? Such a deal. My BF’s dream.

So after a solid hour of swinging smoothly, keeping my head down, shifting my weight, and waaaaaay too much thinking, I settled for watching him finish off our bucket of balls. Overall, it wasn’t so bad. And to my surprise, I woke up with incredibly sore shoulders and forearms the next day. Yes… I got a workout at the driving range. Maybe I’m just sore because I haven’t used these muscles ever before, but hey, sore muscles are sore muscles — I’ll take it.

So this got me thinking… If I were to actually play on a course some day… It would probably be quite the workout. I’m still feeling the stiffness from my unexpected arm workout on Saturday, and I can only imagine how drained I’d feel after walking a round of golf, too. What do you guys think? I know golf is mentally tough, but what about physically?

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1 Response to The Unexpected Arm Workout

  1. Nicole says:

    I played competitive junior golf from age of 8 until I graduated from college (on a full ride scholarship to a D-one school). Of course, “back in the day” I was in tip-top shape from walking 36-45 holes per day, carrying my clubs, AND spending at least two hours in the gym. Golf is a great sport for fun though, I put my clubs away for several years after college (and the beginning of my corporate career), but I’ve begun playing again and enjoy it. It’s fun to go to the course without expectation or intense competition.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, Y’all!!!!!
    nicole @ three 31

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