Clearer Skin for Less than $2

Twenty-somethings shouldn’t be getting acne anymore, right?  Oh, how I wish this was true.  I shouldn’t complain too much, as the extent of my acne is a pimple or two every so often… but boy are they annoying.  We all know how frustrating it is to see the very beginning of a blemish, knowing that you just have to sit there and wait for it to erupt into a full-blown facial deformity.  It gets worse before it gets better.  Well guess what, I don’t have time to wait for it to get better.  I want it gone…and fast.

When I was in high school, I found a little skin clearing trick that I’ve been using ever since.  Purell Hand Sanitizing Gel (the clear and unscented one).  It’ll help clear up blemishes and will reduce their stay on your face.

It’s easy to understand why Purell works.  It’s anti-bacterial so it gets rid of the bacteria which turns your blemish a full-grown problem.  Another bonus: Purell is cheap (you can get a 2 oz. bottle for $1.79) and a little bit goes a long way.

I usually put a small amount of Purell on the blemish before I go to bed and let it work its magic.  Now, it’s not a complete miracle worker.  It’s not going to 100% get rid of the zit overnight, but it will make it smaller and get rid of the bacteria which means it won’t get any worse.

I take out the Purell as soon as I notice a mark on my face.  And if you catch it early enough, you can avoid a zit all together.  But be careful not to layer it on too think.  A very small amount will work better than if you cake it on.

Of course, if you have severe acne, I wouldn’t recommend using this on your entire face.  For starters, I imagine it would burn your eyes, but most importantly it would completely dry out your skin.  This recommendation is for people who only have a few small blemishes on their face.

Do you have any skin clearing tricks?  PLEASE share them with us @20sTweet.


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2 Responses to Clearer Skin for Less than $2

  1. Wow that’s great if its really works. Post more informations about the product for others to know and help them as well. I also want to impart this information from my site where the readers could help them as well in the proper dermatological treatment and the precautions needed before trying to treat themselves at home.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s a nice quick-tip to remember in an emergency!

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