Clowning Around (sorry, I had to)

This past weekend, my family from Pennsylvania came to visit. Now, every time that my parents are in town, it’s a bit of an ordeal. We don’t want to just sit around my apartment all weekend… So we find a tourist attraction somewhere around New England to entertain ourselves. We’ve seen a lot — more than some of my native friends — but that’s all a part of being a tourist, right?

So anyways, after four years of college in Rhode Island (and many visits from my family), we’re almost running out of things to do. I know that doesn’t seem possible, but with this in-between type of weather, a lot of outdoor attractions can’t be included on the list. So what did my mother find for us to do this past weekend? We went to the CIRCUS!

The Big Apple Circus, to be exact. Smack in the middle of Boston, we discovered a world of magic and imagination. The Big Apple Circus originated in New York, but tours around Boston and Rhode Island as well. Unfortunately, this past weekend was the last weekend for Boston shows, but you can find a list of all the upcoming tour venues here.

Clearly, my twenty-something brother, his twenty-something girlfriend, my twenty-something BF, and I were less than thrilled to be spending a beautiful, Saturday afternoon inside a tent full of little kids. But much to our surprise (and my parents’ satisfaction), we enjoyed ourselves. In fact, we had fun. Laughed. Understood the jokes that went straight over kids’ heads. Sure, a few of the acts were lame. But most importantly, we had a fun-filled afternoon with our family.

If you’re looking for something different to do, I recommend the circus. It’s not in town forever, so go while you have the chance. For some reason, I was expecting lions, elephants, and the like, but the Big Apple Circus is different. It was more acrobatic, with jugglers,ย trapeze, and of course, clowns. And they were funny! As long as the little kid behind you keeps his light saber to himself, I guarantee you’ll have a good time. Trust me! I was the biggest Negative Nancy heading into it… and even I had fun!

Have you been? What did you think? Share your funny circus stories with us @20sTweet!


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