Chocoholics: This One Is For You

Before I begin this short and sweet post, I have to give a big THANK YOU to all of the lovely writers and readers of TwentyTweets! You guys are the best. Seriously. We never knew that a fun, little past time would become such a hit… And I love it!

But now… It’s time to get serious. Did anyone else know that today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Could this be any more perfect? One of my best friends once told me that she never knew anyone with a sweet tooth as big as mine. And my boyfriend often says that I turn into the Cookie Monster when I’m hungry. (Cute, right?) I blame my Mom, Queen of the Sweets. She confesses to eating tubes of chocolate frosting when she was pregnant with me. For all I know, it’s running in my veins!

So anyways, check out these faves courtesy of The Dish on And make sure you have a cookie today! I may have had a head start with this cookie cake over the weekend, but I’m sure I can manage another cookie (or two). After all, it’s a National holiday!


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