Grocery Shopping on a Diet

Smart shopping… And I’m not talking about your budget. I’m talking about your diet! You’ve probably heard some “smart shopping” hints before… Like never grocery shopping when you’re hungry, and making a list and sticking to it. But how else can you be a smart food shopper?

Most grocery stores are laid out in the same way. Now, I’m not talking about markets like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Both of these chains are unique, and an experience in themselves. If you’ve never been, try it! Trader Joe’s is more on my budget-level, but every once in a while, I like to splurge at Whole Foods. Anyways, back to your every day food store. Ever notice how they’re all kind of set up in the same, exact way?

In the center, you find aisles and aisles and aisles of boxed food, canned food, pasta, dressings, snacks, chips, soda, and more. On the outer edges (the perimeter of the store, if you will), you have your fruits, vegetables, seafood counter, meat counter, frozen vegetables, and bread.  The easiest way to shop smart at the grocery store is to walk around the outer edges. Skip the aisles, and find fresh food along the perimeter. Now yes, you may have to go down one or two aisles for a case of water, a few cans, or a box of cereal. But as a general rule, try to stay out of the aisles. The outer edges have just about everything that you need for a healthy, smart diet.

Any other grocery shopping tips? I’m still trying to master not buying something that isn’t on my list. Share your secrets with us below or @20sTweet!


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2 Responses to Grocery Shopping on a Diet

  1. Jen says:

    Great tip, E! Another way to shop for a healthy diet is to make “easy” swaps. Sweet potatoes instead of white, baby spinach instead of iceberg, avocado instead of mayo- be adventurous

  2. ErikaAnn says:

    Awesome ideas! I LOVE all three of those… Thanks for reading 🙂

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